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  • darthrapier darthrapier Jul 6, 2009 8:16 AM Flag

    Pre-Market Darth Observations - 7/6


    More fireworks coming this month? They certainly didn't like that Labor report last Friday. The World is unhappy again this morning. Japan was down 140 bips. Taiwan was down 120 bips and India was down 580 bips as their Government wants to do more deficit spending. Europe is trading down 130-180 bips as Banks and Energy companies were trading off. Our futures (QQQQ's) are down 75 bips @ 8am est. The pivot on the Q's is 34.77. Looks like a test is coming this week. Just a note that China was up 118 bips.

    China would like to displace the Dollar in the Global Economy. Ain't going to happen anytime soon but perhaps we could use California's IOU's as a start. We'll call them the "special drawing underwater rights" or SPUR's for short to get this World Economy going again. GS will make a market and make money on them. After all, they are the Master's of the Universe.

    Other Observations?

    1) Goog earnings/guidance? N/A
    2) Goog upgrades? Jefferies likes MON & SMG, BAC likes STX & WDC, KeyBanc likes OSK, Deutsche likes HMY& SYMC, Morgan likes CETV, Auriga likes S, Credit Suisse likes LFC and Riley yelled CATY bar the door.
    3) Goog gappers? ELN, GERN, TCK, LFC and DDUP.
    4) Bad gappers? HMY, MT, GOLD, LDK, BHP, BBL, STO, BP, UBS, E, VOD, TOT and BAC.
    5) Barron's likes FL & PETM.
    6) TCK gets private placement from China Investment Corp.
    7) DNDN raised to $49-50/share at Merriman. Growl!
    8) CHU and CHL fighting for I-Phone.
    9) IBD eats at Ace's BJRI.
    10) Trade of the Day? Ok, I'll try DNDN with a tight stop. I'll call it the growl trade and hope for the best. Otherwise, TCK looks best.


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    • my name is peewee. the venerable island? we send tank man to fight for tamil tigers. he not do so well i hear. christina? she worse than evita. i cry for argentina. you have to remember that chinese companies are chinese. we tell where stock price go and it better go or else. you see how work? you have milk? ady go up. my name is peewee.

    • Not worry if XIN returns to $ 5. i"ll buy 100 K in this case replacing btween money barrels to China REAL STATE.

      I'll be planting raspberries in October or without sweets during 2010.

      You know i don't believe in chinese capitalism, much less in their free market.
      "dink" our problem is the time as always.

      to invest China in the next 10 months and buy cheap lands w/water for planting in South America where the flu 'll already annoying.

      which is your view about SRI LANKA? do you read fuqi Rogers???
      Peewee: no more argentine steaks in the next 4 years. Cristina destroyed livestock, drums and a cow is paid $ 50 here. There isn't enough food to fatten: missing FEED LOTS. Cristina socialist is worse than FLU. Ruins everything she touches.
      Power in Argentina after 2015. Earn the right voting in 2011 and sow wheat, corn, without deductions. After 2015 'll be great. Impossible before.
      Milk production in BK right now. Are paying below 30 cent/liter >> not very cheap....just ridiculous.
      Land prices'll drop by Cristina.

      Come here squanto.
      Our continent is magic. Not only America.
      ALL THE AMERICAS are magic and rich.

    • Board,

      Well, you could have made a few on DNDN on the move back over the open. This one will have a volume reversal day today so the shorts could cover tomorrow on the Full Moon. After all, shorts are Werewolves. lol.

      Energy is getting whacked which is goog for airlines like CAL, LFL, ALK, CPA, AAI, etc. and Companies that use energy like EMS. Bad for Solar like FSLR, LDK and WFR.

      Not much on my watchlist is standing out but here they are:

      PBY, ADY, CAG, CHLN and TCK. PBY is probably best with that Cup & Handle breakout over $8.52/share.

      but, it's basically a defense day:

      GIS, CHD, CHTT, K, KMB and PEP.

      Low priced stocks doing well?

      EK, S, LVLT (Captain $ussy!), GERN and PLX.

      Mo-mo? They like RDEA.


    • Darth,

      I know I've posted this more than once, but if you or anyone has not read the Deep Capture series on DNDN you really should. The latest two chapters really spell out a group of people that show no shame. I want to make money, but the things these folks have done....well, I don't even know the right words to describe their evil.

      If the FBI, etc. doesn't hall this group in then I believe it will just speak to how high the corruption is in the country.

      Sorry for the rant. Best wishes with the growl trade!

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      • Growl,

        I think I read through that when you posted it but what exactly are you suggesting? I agree that if someone shorts a stock, they need to actually borrow the stock to sell it. OSTK's Byrne has made a nice case about that.

        Ultimately, a stock is worth what buyers/sellers say it's worth and that is in theory, basically the present value of future potential cash flows. What do you think DNDN can make down the road on their prostate drug given their competition from OGXI, MIPI and MEDX amongst others? That seems to be the heart of the disagreement among the Bull and Bears about DNDN.

        Trust me, the same level of disagreement exists about VRTX and their drug for hepatitis. About the same level of shorting between 10-15%. Probably won't be rectified until the drug comes to market and the money comes in.


      • we all need the FULDS in jail.

        When i advocate the principles, these are not ideologies but the basics.
        The LIFE is first and all agree here.

        When we speak about freedom we’ve to do it defending the life even while others think differently.

        As Argentine i had to answer this many times and mathematical logic helps.
        Who would have liked to share my home? with a murderer or a thief?
        Surely none of the two;
        and if you don’t have options?
        Surely it’s better a thief to steal rather than a murderer who would kill me.
        That Argentines chose 25 years ago. We prefer to live with our usual political thieves before any military dictatorship that killed us.

        U.S. must also choose new partners in these decades of change in the system and should be thinking very well. Any mistake will bring much suffering within the U.S.

        If the U.S. chooses to believe in their dependence on the tremendous debt and deficit incredible, no doubt that China is the best and this leads to an unequal loss of comfort for the majority of your citizens.

        In the second instance, the U.S. should leave aside their principles and avoid talking of freedom with such business partner.
        I am writing this though is Peewee dislike. It's just the truth.

    • Bored,

      Just note all da States da are having difficulty are Tax & Spend Lib States:

      Calipornia, Illinois, New York, New Jersey, Michigan, etc.

      Dat's what a Lib does. Spend on programs and more progrmas and then tax da People. But, you can't draw BLUD from a stone. You've gots to reduce spending and a Lib just can't do it. See, a Lib "needs" to help da People but all he does in da end is bring down da People.

      Remember to vote in 2010 and 2012. Kick a Lib out of Office once and for all.

      President Blasto

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      • Bored,

        Obama mon on TV again. Gonna give away da missile defense shield to da Russkies. You just know it. Use da "savings" to pay for Cap & Trade and so-so Health care for all at home. Who elected dis guy? Next, it's off to Honduras to get dat Commie back in to power. So what if he wants unlimited terms like da commie Chavez. It's all about Power and Control with da Commies. Just watch.

        Folks, you can't make dis stuff up. No wonder da stock market is going down da drain. It's a commie takeover.

        President Blasto

      • The famed investor Jim Rogers believes that both, the dollar and U.S. bonds, could fall due to the increase in U.S. debt, which will undermine investor confidence in the assets of the country. "The government is printing money and borrowing yet more, this is not the basis for a strong currency, "Rogers said today in a telephone interview with Bloomberg. "The idea that anyone would lend money to the government of United States to 30 years with an interest rate of 3.4 to 5% is inconceivable to me." The investor has also said that U.S. dollars are less than a year ago and plans to make short - U.S. bonds "someday." As for other currencies, Rogers explains that recently bought Swiss francs and yen in Asia has, Singapore dollar, Yuan and New Zealand and Australian dollars.
        (understand Peewee why I remain at New Zealand?)

        The guru again reaffirmed the raw materials, and told the agency that were assets of the few where "the fundamentals are improving." Like Sri Lanka Rogers, famous for his eccentricities, he noted that the only equity market in that could be invested in Sri Lanka, while China kept their investments for many years. The benchmark index of Sri Lanka, the Colombo All-Share Index has risen more than 60% so far this year thanks to the victory of the government on the Tamil Tigers. Only the Chinese Shanghai Composite index has done better in Asia, with an increase of 70%. Selling shares of china in 2009 would be like to have sold equities in 1909, "said Rogers. "My children were born in 2003 and 2008 and I hope that my actions will inherit some day." However, he explained that this year has not yet bought shares of China and that the last time it was made in the last quarter of last year.