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  • horacebello horacebello Jul 6, 2009 3:09 PM Flag

    Pre-Market Darth Observations - 7/6

    Not worry if XIN returns to $ 5. i"ll buy 100 K in this case replacing btween money barrels to China REAL STATE.

    I'll be planting raspberries in October or without sweets during 2010.

    You know i don't believe in chinese capitalism, much less in their free market.
    "dink" our problem is the time as always.

    to invest China in the next 10 months and buy cheap lands w/water for planting in South America where the flu 'll already annoying.

    which is your view about SRI LANKA? do you read fuqi Rogers???
    Peewee: no more argentine steaks in the next 4 years. Cristina destroyed livestock, drums and a cow is paid $ 50 here. There isn't enough food to fatten: missing FEED LOTS. Cristina socialist is worse than FLU. Ruins everything she touches.
    Power in Argentina after 2015. Earn the right voting in 2011 and sow wheat, corn, without deductions. After 2015 'll be great. Impossible before.
    Milk production in BK right now. Are paying below 30 cent/liter >> not very cheap....just ridiculous.
    Land prices'll drop by Cristina.

    Come here squanto.
    Our continent is magic. Not only America.
    ALL THE AMERICAS are magic and rich.