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  • horacebello horacebello Jul 7, 2009 3:38 PM Flag

    Whats The Frequency Blasto??

    The worst of the economic crisis hasn't passed yet and the "awaited great disaster tax at United States is already in progress," says Richard Berner, an economist at Morgan Stanley. "The huge fiscal deficit and debt levels simply to get more unless you control the costs of social benefits, he says." Keeping the promise of social benefits will require an unsustainable debt or taxes, or both, which puts severe test the credibility of our policies and our ability to hit the long term to finance investments and sustain growth, "says economist of Morgan Stanley U.S. entity." The increased debt will increase interest rates, reducing capital and productivity and increasing debt service, "says Richard Berner." These factors not only reduced our constant standard of living, but that may threaten the economic and financial stability, "says the expert.

    Symbolic Logic Lesson 1
    When we do two negatives in one sentence the result is the positive opposite.
    For example: i don't want to stop annoying = i want to continue.

    When two opposites have the same point of view (remember the current Swiss CEO of NESTLE Peter Braveck and Fidel Castro about the lack of fertile land), the symbolic logic also compels us to take as a positive or a valid analysis.

    Now, we've the view of our beloved President in conjunction with Morgan Stanley.
    If at some point, the symbolic logic has no cracks, it's confronted with two assertions of the same tenor and respect.