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  • horacebello horacebello Jul 13, 2009 7:54 AM Flag

    GM** Board : my day

    The most used indicator in Europe (euribor) for calculating mortgages, re-register today a historic low intraday trading > 1.426%, which already amount twenty-four session followed by decreases. Thus, the average July index is 1.455%, the lowest of its ten year history.
    The unstoppable downward path began in October under the decision of the European Central Bank (ECB) to lower interest rates in the area euro to provide liquidity to the interbank market...

    Repurchase 50% FUTURES OIL below $60 and selling FAZ.

    some time ago was a company whose name was the same and they decided to change its initials: UNITED GENERAL MOTORS OF AMERICA (UGMA)when Mr Chavez -or somebody as him- nationalized it because of their debt.
    Good Morning seize the left space and nothing else.

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    • shows us how to overcome the first resistance and bearish momentum slowed in the second . This may indicate that a correction is under way looking support #$24.70 > resistance closing the opened gap up. Below this level, might try searching the support of 22.20 to cover another gap opened in its upward path.

      The shorties view is:
      .. a decisive break would project quickly to the level of $36.25 more than the previous price.


    • Forget my Meredith wishes this week.
      Honestly believe that the sheets balance of the producing goods companies remain in debt and showing the deterioration in the quality and quantity of consumption.
      But the financial sector shrinked and say they won because they are much fewer participants intermediating. Toxics'll follow within and not worthless.
      Unpaid mortgages have risen from the upper middle class and just reading and can't assume the PHG balance is a good one.

      Loving another world this week.


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      • China exported much less and no problems > Just taking the domestic market Peeweerogers is right and if appears some social conflict, the "democracy and capitalism" Chinese shot everything that opposes them.

        I wanted a divorce between productive companies (which Obama would support w/his promises and actions) and the financial sector.
        But...coming on in exactly opposite way, and Bernanke must take charge of what is he doing (may be in the Hell he'll reconigze..).

        Emerging countries (BRICS?) have called for more participation in the distribution of the new system but aren't in the same position.
        Think Brazil'll lose because of its intractable social problems, and China'll put a top on the prices they pay for commodities in these years.
        That means MORE PROBLEMS FOR THE DEEP AMERICA and deleveraging free time to the Wall Street disaster.

        As always, politics and money moving in the opposite direction of the reality.
        I'll start learning Mandarin with some all religions prayers .
        Surely Henry Geithner (hating this guy)don't hear anything from Luxembourg.