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  • horacebello horacebello Jul 30, 2009 8:42 AM Flag

    Higher Taxes on de Rich, Better America?

    Try to avoid mixing my mind when Americans talk their topics. Prefer to read you: respectfully.
    The U.S. can't be compared w/ Sweden or Spain > U.S. is an economic system that has collapsed and the systems to be compared must 've(among many variables)w/similar magnitudes to obtain a valid result.
    U.S. can be compared with Russia and China if we want to understand where are we going. We're witnessing the beginning of a new system where states'll have greater participation making private decision (sorry President Blasto but is what it's). Hurts to write this but well in sight.
    China'll exercise its power of multiplication, but they'll never do in a free-market capitalism. Let us forget about that. They'll multiply the capital, but without accepting the freedom that implies an operational and efficient development.
    It's absolutely true the Mysman view about the rise of the public sector.
    Spain??? >> look at that "magnitude".
    Below 50 million its population and without population growth as a whole Europe > People without a future and maintaining their status as they can. MORE THAN 55% of the active population depends on the state. That's Spain.
    The people who are aging as most in Europe, consume 50% of their lives with STATE MONEY. Improve their life expectancy without producing.

    The Luxembourg "nopayingtaxes" Minister.

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    • Comparing America ALWAYS been rediculous. Many Asian countries have universal health care and are gaining on us in percentage growth of GDP. Thailand has incredible health care system as many Americans go there to get it. It is just as good as the US, as that most doctors and even nurses study here and their prices are so much lower than Americans can fly there and receive the same if not better quulity of care. More nurses in Thailand per capita have Phd's than in the US.

      If you subtract the AMA, private health insurance and add tort reform this is what you get.

    • Horatio,

      I saw a show on Argentina related to dat hot year of 1989. Hot in weather and hot in inflation. Do you have any of those $1 trillion notes? Can I have one for my mantle?

      President Blasto

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      • Blast Eternal President:
        i don't understand many things besides WFC.
        A simple question:
        what's the reason to choose writing and using a name similar to another like Blastoo?
        It does only to confuse or is any more acceptable answer?
        Why not to comment freely from his own conscience without diluted or hidden??
        Think that Einstein was quite wrong: human stupidity is traveling much faster than light speed.
        So, i request you a new charge for honest Jack at the duchy.

        Spain today : The Economist > traslate)

        The Spanish economy slowed his fall intertrimestrial a point in between April and June, registering a decline of 0.9%, although the fall was at interannual 4%, increasing the downward path that began in the last quarter of 2008, according to the Economic Bulletin of the Bank of Spain for the months of July and August.

      • ufff....Dear President:
        wrote yesterday the GAS bills that are arriving right now.
        TODAY Beloved President.Not 1989 > THIS WEEK.
        GAS increase above 120%/300%
        Energy above 60%

        That's the populism...

        (during that years -1989- working very hard offshore and leaving -as usual- the money out of our lovely country)

        No mantle for you Beloved President.
        If OUR PRESIDENT want to have an argentine note hanging in his room to remember the Ben press every day, i can ask a couple of friends who have lost fortunes with our OBAMINATIONS.

        Your desire is an order.