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  • horacebello horacebello Aug 10, 2009 8:15 PM Flag

    In absense...

    The first time we discussed this here, i logically defended the position of OUR CONTINENT. It's too obvious the lack of fertile lands > we don't need Rogers talking about commodities or energy futures. It's also clear we're living the last century using fossil fuels as the main source.
    U.S. is very intelligent but too many times in your history has walked by blind political reasons.
    Think that this time US is (at least) wrong half of your bet because of weakness.

    Ok..ok.. my posicion is soooo arbitrary and subjective. ok. Knowing that dear President.

    All South America is underpopulated and immensely rich on energy and raw materials and scarcity of educational resources and medical help > easy the resolution. We've some brain too.
    China arrived here in the last three years and Russia knows about us since the Cold War.
    A good American policy should work quickly to the development of OUR CONTINENT (THE BEST OF THE PLANET) not to lose the BIG BET : the political control.

    These earthquakes (it doesn't matter Richter scale > they confirm THE PLACE AND 'LL CONTINUE) confirm the handshake between Chavez and Obama during 2010 without any kind of ideological sign. I'm talking about business and mutual development.
    Venezuelans are much richer than Americans (the next five/ten years) at the moment and nobody should be offended by reality.
    ENTIRE AMERICAN CONTINENT skilfully planted gives us an advantage and this policy should be realized long before the Chinese set up bases as they've done in Africa. imho.

    An American Minister
    (who forgot Luxembourg ten minutes to write)

    (tomorrow 'll buy Livermore)

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    • Horatio,

      Venezuela? Venezuela is da antithesis of freedom. Chavez is closing down Opposition Radio and TV stations and stirring up trouble with Columbia to take his Peoples' minds off of him and da problems of socialism. A similar situation to what happened to Cuba after da so-called revolution. Da situation in Venezuela is dire. Cuba is already dead and mired back in da 50's. Why? It's da state of Mind dat Ayn Rand warned us about. Da evil collective mind. And dat is Venezuela under Chavez.

      Can dis happen in America, land of da free and home of da brave? It will if we're not vigilant but vigilant we will be. Obamination is not what America is all about. Innovation is what America is all about. I'd bet we could run out of all natural resources and invent our way out of it. Dat's what America is all about. And, dat's why most everyone else aspires to be like America. Because everyone has a little American in dem. Somewhere in da recesses of their hearts and minds. Even Argentines. Yes, there is hope.

      President Blasto