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  • horacebello horacebello Sep 1, 2009 4:33 PM Flag

    OT: Early Gusto/Darth Observations

    Too much work and 've no time to stay in front of the screens.
    At least i've been lucky with my fazzies and the view of the toppy DJIA 9650/9750 as opine here.

    Don't know where are we going and must revise the barrels to understand (need to repurchase here).
    At first glance and without examination,think the silver and gold appear to be working like sword of Damocles of the system as last year and not as commodities('ll read the GOLD EAGLE too).
    Both -silver and gold- didn't fulfill that role since several months ago and although i hope the lowering of commodities, i didn't expect to see gold and silver as solid as they are.

    (starting to read the next two hours and remaining here to understand)

    Loving all of you

    The Minister of Luxembourg