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  • bestareahead bestareahead Aug 26, 2011 2:11 PM Flag

    GAAP 2011 eps = 0,10 - 0,30 $ ONLY

    Not to mention the growing debt and the fact that WFR is an expensive polysilicon producer.

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    • better cover before we break through $7 and never look back. WFR is the only poly producer worldwide with strong presence in Japan... Japanm just approved their feed in tariff today... Hmm.... WFR has factories in Japan... Hmmm....

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      • What an idiotic argument to support WFR! Japan buys chinese solar products either directly (high grade polysilicon) or indirectly (chinese panels of STP, CSIQ etc. which use chinese polysilicon).

        You had better not count your dd on such ridiculous location arguments. To help you understand it better, USA and California has FIT too but ESLR went broke! ENER and SATC and ASTI will go broke soon too although they are located in USA which has FIT.

        In Germany with an other established FIT program, Conergy a german solar giant went broke too and they had to negotiate once again to restructure their debts.