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  • chrisceeaustin chrisceeaustin Apr 26, 2013 3:37 PM Flag

    No need for exclamation points re: WFR

    What's with all the exclamation points? Let the guidance speak for itself.

    SunEdison will give guidance that will send the stock through the roof. They are involved deeply in all of the fastest growing markets -- USA, Japan, India. Not so much in China, but we will see, as they partner with some Chinese panel makers, I believe.

    And not only do they build projects. They own them. They operate them. They sell them. And they even operate third-party solar farms.

    They have strong connections with Indian government, I believe, and a HQ in Chennai. They have a 2.6 GW pipeline that will start to pump really hard in H2 as more and more capital becomes available and as they concentrate on creating more capital with their new arm, headed by that Carlos fellow.

    And then there is the amount of cash being generated by government -- where does all that money go? What better way of making ROI than in solar -- carbon free and reliable, steady.

    The new deal with Fox is superb -- they will build high efficiency Sylvantis panels in Mexico -- where a huge SUBSIDY-FREE plant was just built. And they have a new connection wiht Petrobras in Brazil. The high efficiency panels will compete with the best of the panels available in the Americas, and without import duties.

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    • I will not be surprised if they make 1.00 dollar in earnings in the second half of 2013. There will be more mega-projects like those planned with Toshiba, and there will be many, many smaller projects that need a bit of financing and need the operational aspect done for cheap. They are trying to make it cheap and easy for these smaller projects.

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      • Silvantis is not getting much hype but the product looks very good. It claims to be mono but cheaper than multi- .... ! That's how it will deliver lower levelized costs of electricity ... also sounds like it will be more reliable than typical panels. American market likely will soak this up. SPWR and WFR will dominate the US market. Maybe that is why SCTY is down today . . . realization that competition from these two companies will be stiff -- the quality of panels matters a great deal.

      • ST. LOUIS, Jan. 16, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- MEMC Electronic Materials (NYSE: WFR), today introduced the MEMC Silvantis™ M330 Solar Module. The Silvantis M330 is the first product to be manufactured exclusively with MEMC-produced polysilicon and CCz p-type mono wafers leveraging the company's strategic vertical integration.

        MEMC's new Silvantis M330 Module extends its existing module family and features to full square mono 330 watt (W) solar cells for higher output power and is Potential Induced Degradation (PID)-free, allowing for improved system reliability.

        "Our focus at MEMC is utilizing our experience to provide the best customer value and reduce levelized cost of energy (LCOE) for our customers," said Vijay Chinnasami , senior vice president of solar materials at MEMC. "Launching the Silvantis M330 is an important milestone for us. We've leveraged our electronic grade polysilicon, wafer manufacturing expertise and strategic relationships to produce a module that increases efficiency and serves the commercial and utility markets at an economical price point."

        The Silvantis M330 is a high-efficiency solar solution that improves efficiency to 16.9% (330W), utilizing new technology and manufacturing techniques to maximize efficiency, minimize cost and extend product lifetime. Renewable Energy Testing Center (RETC) in Fremont California tested the modules according to IEC6125 and IEC61730 standards and certified TUV SUD certifications for long-term operation in a variety of climates and electrical safety. RETC also tested and certified the modules by CSA for UL 1703 (1000 V).

        The Silvantis M330 provides the following features and benefits:

        Fully integrated MEMC silicon, wafers and cells
        16.9% module efficiency delivers over 5% savings per watt BOS improvement over multi-crystalline
        Full square mono for higher power output
        PID-free modules for better system reliability
        CCZ p-type mono-crystalline wafer with tight resistance control to optim