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  • InvestmentGuru2001 InvestmentGuru2001 Jan 28, 2010 12:22 AM Flag

    Thank you Scott Klein for being corrupt

    And the Street knows it! I am thrilled I went short at 43 -- 10,000 shares! Getting richer every day. Single digits guaranteed by the end of this year. Sell short; get rich.

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    • It appears, "Single digits guaranteed by the end of this year.", has been delivered.

    • InvestmentGuru,

      My brokerage is Charles Schwab as well and SPMD is NOT available to be shorted and hasn't been since it began trading.

      You are not telling the truth with your claim of shorting 10,000 shares.

      You also claimed to own 5 million shares of Idearc and obviously you were lying about that as well.

      I no longer believe a word you say and I guess those JAVA guys were correct afterall.

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      • The Nasdaq web site lists a modest short interest of 306,462 on Jan. 15. Not clear whether this is market makers or retail.

        I wouldn't want to be short against Paulsen's position. His man on the SPMD board has an investment banking background and could be working on a merger deal with RH Donnelly. Big upside risk, but not much downside potential with a likely PE ratio of 2 or 3 times next years earnings.

        guru: You may be right in the long term that SPMD will not survive, but as a short you could be forced to buy back your shares at an inopportune moment if merger talks are announced.

      • Believe what you will. Post your email address and I will show you my trades. And if you do the math a 5 million shares at 2 cents, it's a meaningless $100k. And as for Schwab, maybe you do not have access to the trading levels I have. But if you call them and ask if the stock has been shorted, they will tell you it has.