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  • InvestmentGuru2001 InvestmentGuru2001 Feb 1, 2010 5:55 PM Flag

    Thank you Scott Klein for being corrupt

    SPMD is already off $10 from it's opening day. It will be $30 by Friday. And I have a stop limit on my short trade. I will bet you $1 Paulson is also shorting this stock against his long position. He is a hedger.

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    • InvestmentGuru, do you ever post anything that is accurate?

      The stock opened up at $40 and closed at $41 on its initial trading day and closed at $35.90 today.

      How are you coming up with the stock being down $10 from its opening day?

      As far as your stop limit on your short trade, are you foolish enough to believe that will protect you from losses in the event the stock begins to rise?

      You indicated you are short 10,000 shares. If you placed a regular stop trade (not limit) on your fantasy position, than you could wind up paying $5 more than your stop price to cover considering how small the float is.

      If you placed a stop limit order on your short trade, then it will not protect you one bit in the event the stock begins to rise.

      Finally, the only way Paulson would be shorting this stock against his long position is if the standby agreement came with some sort of restriction/lock up period with the shares they were able to obtain.

      With this being said, I am starting to agree that this stock is headed right down the drain as the stock has been sickening to watch over the past 2 weeks.