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  • idiotalerts idiotalerts Feb 2, 2010 2:18 PM Flag

    Idiotalerts is just that!

    I don't know why you are such a frustrated and bitter person.

    You pretend you have hundreds of thousands of dollars in individual stock positions. You pretend that $100,000 doesn't matter to you. But you even claim to use Schwab. Schwab isn't a broker used by people with several millions of dollars in their accounts.

    You pretend you shorted 10,000 shares of SPMD when no borrow was available through Schwab retail.

    You mislead people with your repeated lies about Paulson. Paulson isn't the second coming of Jesus Christ. Paulson is just a money manager who has made a lot of money. Paulson makes mistakes too. SPMD could be one of Paulson's mistakes. It is a bad company in a bad industry. Maybe SPMD is cheap enough to be a good buy but maybe SPMD stock is going lower. But Paulson is not short the stock. Paulson is long a lot of SPMD stock, 2.6 million shares. Paulson has an employee on SPMD's Board of Directors.

    You didn't even know Paulson has an employee on SPMD's board even though the news story is listed here on Yahoo Finance.

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    • You are so wrong about millionaires using Schwab.

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      • idiotalerts is indeed wrong about his comment that 7 figure balance holders don't use Schwab.

        With that being said, Schwab's interest rates are absolutely sickening.

        On their non FDIC insured money funds where your principal is actually at risk, they pay 1/100 of 1% interest and then go on to say how much they strive to pay competitive interest rates on all parts of their customer's portfolios.

        If you deposited $1,000,000 into one of these Schwab funds and left it in there for a full year, you would be paid a grand total of $100 in interest for the entire year.

        They do offer funds which require a $1,000,000 balance or higher and pay 1/10 of 1% interest and they act like its the best thing since sliced bread.

        Of course, they are still charging 8.25% for monies borrowed on margin.