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  • tvb1021 tvb1021 Feb 26, 2010 3:49 PM Flag

    Tracking IGuru's trade

    IGuru made the mistake of finally posting a phantom trade before the fact (no after the fact as he usually does). So we finally have something we can track.

    He said that he shorted 5,000 at the close on Wednesday (stock closed at $36.5)

    Currently, the stock is at $42, so his position has lost 15% or $27,500 in just two days.

    D'oh!!!!!!!!!!! I don't think IG will be posting any more trades before the fact makes it hard to make up his own outcomes.

    Remember, this is also a guy that was just recently long the stock when the enterprise value was around $9bn and had the company all of it's pre-bankruptcy debt in place. Now with a stronger balance sheet and substantially lower E.V. he's short.

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    • Just covered 5000 short for $23k gain. Too many other short opportunities that look even better. Will follow SPMD, however. If it gets below $30, I will short another 5000 shares to make yet another quick profit. You phuquing losers just don't understand how many big players are shorting this POS. I got richer on Idearc, and this POS company made me a little money. This last correction made me over $1.6 million on all my short trades. PATIENCE PAID OFF! The Dow will be well below 10,000 once the extent of Obama's damage to the economy is well documented. There is still plenty of time to get rich shorting the indexes and selected cyclical stocks. However, if you longs on SPMD think you will ever make money, all I can say is, "YOU'RE IDIOTS!"

      Adios, Losers!

    • Stock up more than 2% today. IG's loses on the trade now at $32,000 for a 17.5% loss in just a few days. D'oooooooohhhhhhh!!!!!!!!

    • On May 23, 2008, InvestmentGuru wrote:

      "JAVA to annoubce BK on Tuesday".

      Didn't happen. Not even close.

      On December 10, 2009, just a few weeks before ORCL closed its acquisition of JAVA, InvestmentGuru wrote that it was "much more likely" that ORCL would drop its $9.50 per share cash acquisition of JAVA than close the deal. InvestmentGuru expected JAVA stock to go to $2. Great call, he was only off by 375%.

      On December 4, 2009, InvestmentGuru wrote about the ORCL acquisition of JAVA " Told you the deal is dead!!!!!!!!!!!!" Of course the deal closed as planned less than 2 months later.

      There are so many more moronic lines from InvestmentGuru. How about his fantasy of going to Stanford and having lawyers who work for him for free?

      I feel sorry for him. He needs Yahoo boards to cheer himself up. I hope that works for him. He has my pity.