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  • stockexpertpro stockexpertpro Nov 4, 2011 12:04 AM Flag



    Revenues declined over 15% and the company is losing money stupid idiots short this bloated pos

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    • Sure revenues were down. Absolutely. No one suggested that this is FaceBook. However, they are making money, as measured by cash flow and not GAAP earnings, handily. In the end, you want to watch the dollars flow through the income statement to the balance sheet. Those dollars belong to the shareholders unless the company has to restructure, which is VERY unlikely for several years. Sure, short it at will but be aware that time is on the side of the buyers. The balance sheet is slowly repairing itself. More importantly, in the immediate future, you are short a stock that is closely held, has only 15 million shares outstanding and is likely to be washed out. Shorting is a tough game but made more so when you play in the small sand box of a company with no immediate cash needs. As always, good luck and keep the language clean. The short sellers are not geniuses and the buyers are not idiots. Again, good luck with your position.