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  • ald_guy ald_guy Mar 11, 2002 8:34 AM Flag

    Dental Clinics

    Also notice on page 763 of the Dental Clinics that the Erbium wavelength of 2940 is approximately 20% higher than the ERCr and continues to say that "A portion of the laser energy couples to the hydroxy radical in the apetite crystal. The water that is bound to the crystalline structure of the tooth absord the laser readily and easily. The vaporization of the water within the mineral substrate causes a massive volume expansion, and this expansion causes the surrounding material to explode away" Now what is the story that you guys have.. that the Waterlase
    energizes the water spray and causes a hydrokinetic cutting effect? Prove it. If that is the mechanism of action can the waterlase cut through other materials that have a similar hardness factor as that of enamel? We alrady no the answer to that is no. Sort of makes you guys look like you are desperately try to make up for an inferior wavelength but spinning up marketing hype that has no basis in reality. See you at the ALD on Thurs. Can't wait to watch you guys get taken apart like last year. This will be fun!

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    • Ok,

      Since you know so much about this topic then maybe you can explain why the bashers get on this board and keep talking about how Er:YAG is so effective in cutting tissue.

      It's because it's absorbed. Duh.

      I didn't specifically address that point because it has been addressed.

      There's a proverb: "It is better to keep one's mouth shut and have people assume you're a fool than to open it and prove it." Dude, you just proved it.

    • Hey fishy one ... fear not, I really can't remember if I ever posted here before or not. I might have a year or two ago when some of their patents were issued/discussed. I also post sometimes on the LPTH board (stop that spamming!!! bad boy). But, again I usually only post if I have a comment about a patent or a technical press release.

      To me, BLTI is a part of my speculative "investment" money. I bought because of the story. I'm not much on EBITDAs and other fancy numbers. Just let me try to figure out if people want the product/service or not. Besides, after ENRON who can believe one EBITDA from another.

    • Well for a guy with 14 articles on laser spectroscopy to your credit then I guess I just don't see why you would need to make this comment to a fellow poster: "Ok, since you're obviously a "serious laser user" care to explain this? Power is power, you've
      given no explanation as to why this wavelength produces more heat".

      They use microwaves to cook for a reason. They use infra-red to treat muscle aches for a reason.

      Dude, just 'cause its dense doesn't mean it absorbs much energy at a particular wavelength. Perhaps, you missed the demonstration in the early laser years where Prof. Schawlow (or was it Townes .. I get those two mixed up) used a laser to burst a balloon. The uniqueness of the demonstration was the fact that the balloon was inside another balloon. The outer balloon didn't pop.

      Now I suggest that if you really want to discuss laser physics with some of us on this board, maybe you should invite use to create and join a special board for that, otherwise I would stop trying to superficially discuss topics that can be hashed about for years here without being given the proper treatment.

      P.S. no I am not going to submit my Yahoo! posts for a peer review before "publishing" them.

    • Why don't you just sell and get a life....

    • >Now what is the story that you guys have.. that the Waterlase
      energizes the water spray and causes a hydrokinetic cutting effect? Prove it.

      Ok, you buy one of the BioLase products, and we'll prove it.

      "Serious laser users" hehehe. I don't think I'll put you on ignore, you're too damn funny.

    • correcting typo. The absorption of the ER is approximately 20% higher than the ErCR.

      • 2 Replies to ald_guy
      • correcting typo. alrady no-already know. Wow. Poor spelling aside, if you can't master the appropriate uses of "no" and know" how in the world do you expect me to buy lasers from you. Such a mistake is surprising, considering the high regard this board has for your input. We will be there on Thursday. By then BLTI will be eligible for the nasdaq big board and your company will still be selling fruit at roadside foodstands.

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