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  • whartonanalyst whartonanalyst Jul 17, 2003 3:00 AM Flag

    Earnings in-line best case scenario

    Taking into consideration the 2.5 million share dilution, blti must increase net income by about 78% from last quarter just to meet the estimates for this quarter. Q1 2003 net income was $674,000 divided by 21,713,000 diluted shares outstanding resulting in .03 diluted net income per share. Adding 2.5 million shares to 21,713,000 shares is roughly 24.2 million shares outstanding. Blti must accomplish a net income of $1,200,000 just to meet estimated earnings for this quarter. This is about a 78% increase in net income from last quarter to be in-line with estimates of .05 diluted net income per share for Q2 2003! This is cause for concern because net income for Q2 2002 was $669,000, Q3 2002 was $772,000, Q4 2002 was $1,070,000, and Q1 2003 was $674,000. This shows how difficult it will be to increase net income by 78% from last quarter to this quarter to meet expectations.

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    • you read angst into thank u because you have little joy in your life

    • ... a far more interesting religious debate than .04 vs .05 and all the basher tripe.

    • Sorry Mr. Ex, but in the Profundity race, Morrison laps Alanis many times over. Read or listen to American Prayer. That Thank u song is just an indulgent journey in spoiled-little-girl existential angst (and not terribly articulate angst at that!). Give me Morrison's soaring and bizarre imagery any day. But you know, Alanis fan or not, you've regained your credibility in my book by saying you DO ocasionally listen to the Doors.

    • I suggest you listen more closely to the words. In that one song with the F word she is playing the part of insane jealousy. I got hooked on her with thank u (thank you terror thank you frailty thank you silence), just as powerful today as then. I guess I like the way she puts life and experience in a larger context.

      The doors were all about getting messed up and chasing girls. I still crank up LA Woman from time to time.

      I like 'em both but Alanis adds a dimension of profundity.

    • It's more likely that CEO's of Fortune 500 companies listen to the likes of Diana Krall, Norah Jones, Natalie Cole, etal. Now that's kickin' back. N'est pas?

    • Thanks for the update. Now I can say I'm up on modern music! (I assume 'tude means attitude?) You know, just like Mr. Excelerator, I too am an ex-CEO (of numerous Fortune 500 companies). I'm also the senior US Senator from a very important state, a renowned nuclear scientist, and a Nobel Peace Prize winner (I'm not saying what year!), and I'm developing a perpetual motion machine to revolutionize the automotive industry. Like Mr. Ex, I am also always on the lookout for new pop-music stars I can kick back and enjoy after a hard hard day at the Yahoo message boards - oops, I mean the Corporate boardroom!

    • Fiona Apple. Think of her as Alanis on steroids (or stronger homones, really). Both in need of antidepressants. Godsmack's got the 'tude now, but they're probably already passe.

    • Also - Who is this Fiona person? Is she Alanis's sister or something?

    • Mr.EX.. - I couldn't help but respond to the now-emerging Alanis Morissette fan club around here. If I recall, I only mentioned that as a purported 'ex-CEO' or whatever you billed yourself as, it seemed odd to me that you would be a big fan of a foul-mouthed psuedo-profound pop singer. That's all. My own tastes lean toward Jim Morrison (that dates ME!), but I doubt I would use any of his writings in my DD on BLTI. But hey, we all have our gurus!

    • Fiona has tons more attitude. Listen to "Criminal", "First Taste", "Limp", and "Use Me". Now this is a way more fun *religious* argument than .04 vs .05. LOL.

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