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  • blti_newbi blti_newbi Sep 18, 2003 11:56 AM Flag

    How many

    How many graduate from dental school every year? I bet that number would help with projected sales. Most of the graduates will have trained on Waterlase.

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    • Cost prices could depend on whether or not manufacturing is a cost center and sells the product to sales-which is done in many companies. Company owners don't really care where profits come from.

    • Yeah, that too. I think that's sort of a liberal interpretation of the old adage. OOps, I shouldn't have used the word "liberal" here. Might start a 1000 post onslaught.

    • gringoman70.

      I like your math. However the donated ones I mentioned earlier I believe have already been absorbed into marketing costs last year and possibly early this year. So I would not expect any softening of current #'s... unless of course their donation program has continued.

    • Now we have some intelligence injected.

    • jfg_blti asks "How many schools do you donate to? ". If you believe this marketing tool will make you money, the answer is 'all of them', because what you are really asking is 'how much money do I want to make?'. When Apple was donating computers, they even donated a computer to my little rural high school of 80 people. It was black and all it said was Apple (pre-Apple II). What followed was a huge boom for the company. I think the 20 units is probably a test case to see if this will work as well. If so, then donate to 'all of them'. Then BOOM for us. Go BLTI.

    • Actually, the 'fish' saying goes like this:

      Give a man a fish, feed him for the day.
      But, teach a man to fish, and he'll spend the whole day sitting in a boat with the guys, drinking beer, and wondering what's for dinner.

    • You quoted someone and then showed your approval. That is the same as you saying it.
      Try to hold your temper.

    • Several posters would do well to switch to decaf (not directed at you robert, you're just the last message in this thread and I agree with you).

      The opportunity cost of one donated unit is the potential for an additional $50,000 on the earnings report which (given that we're not talking about only giving away one unit here) would indirectly influence the stock price. That's all I was getting at.

      When I read the original suggestion the following questions came to mind:

      How many schools do you donate to? Do you provide the maintenance of the unit for free? How long does it take to train a student on a Waterlase? Is it necessary for the school to have own the unit if it's only used a couple times a semester? How about the training for the instructors? How many students, when they graduate, are in a position to purchase or have the power to recommend the purchase of a laser? Etc. The bottom line I'm driving at is is this the BEST way to connect with the dental students? Don't know...

      How about the concept of a dedicated instructor/marketer (or a few of them) from Biolase and a laser unit that spends a day or two at each school to really show what it can do? Give the whole marketing pitch and a day or two of training.

      As I said in my original post, I too believe touching base with the students is a good idea. Just trying to look at the concept from many different angles. And wasting too much time doing it, I might add...

    • I agree. People most often don't realize they would be better off with a product until they actually see the benefit first hand for their self. I believe if they trained on the waterlase and the drill, they would want a waterlase in their office. Not only that, they would be talking about the benefits with other dentists.

    • I didn't say it dorkface.That was that other dorkface pretending to be a ceo.jfg_blti

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