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    • I don't equate Pkewl with Buffett at all. It's his attitude, you know what I mean?

      Everything is fine at home, thank you.

    • cpa your pretty touchy these days. Eveything alright at home?
      pkewl=warren buffet? hardly

      I think west's multiple posts are endearing. I still give him shit about it though. It used to be five or six times a day. Now its only two, or three if he really means it.
      I agree with the kaiser BTW. over 15 today would be great, and not a big surprise. This kettle's been waiting to boil over for a while.

      Kaiser, how's verbal kint, the man with the plan?

    • Good guess Ehwest2, the answer is SEC and comic books, in that order.

      Did you sit up all night composing that response. You should have typed it in CAPS.
      I must have hit a few nerves..Now go back to bashing Pkewl a/k/a Warren Buffett..

    • see a doctor!!

      >>>>>The stuff he posts he reads from magazine articles or books on how to invest, quoting everything and everyone..<<<<<

      Hey 2500 share stock market pro. What do you use for your references, Comic Books or your vast experience as a Market Maker or work at the SEC, maybe it�s your years at laser research.

      By the way they�re called reference sources. When I put them in a post or links it�s for obvious reasons. Next you�ll say that religion and mom�s apple pie are the causes of senility. Since when did the use of reference sources become a sign of incompetence. You�re a joke!

      >>>>>He doesn't know all that much, just pretends to be an active and wealthy investment maven <<<<<

      You�re partially right, it�s all relative to what you�re comparing it to. Compared to your stupid posts and your 2500 shares held for 2 years, I would definitely say, I'm a very active, wealth, investment maven.

      >>>>> and so desperate for attention that he posts the same messages several times a day.<<<<<

      When I post twice, It�s because I real believe I have some thing to say that can be of help to other investors and why not share it. Many times I have picked up information, on this board, that has been of very great help. I feel a debt and I try to reciprocate by contributing back to the board. Two post doesn�t hurt anyone and it may help someone that missed the first post.

      >>>>(Yes, one sick puppy) He hates the truth and is easily pissed off. With any luck he'll put me on ignore as well.<<<<<<

      You�ve done your best to switch the subject off of your ridiculously stupid posts. Like the post where you criticized another poster that was trying to help me! Last, a sickO calling me sick, You and I know the truth about that!!! The only thing I can say to you, is this old but valid saying "to thy own self be true".

    • As usual, your insults are so original and inciteful. I can understand why you are Ehwest's toady. Funny way to get one's jollies; turning the ignore feature on and off. What's the point of that? Yes, you have quite a life going for you there, pal.

    • I admit stealing your line. My list, which no one argues against, really burns him. After all, what kind of person would using the ignore feauture as some sort of weapon? Am I supposed to be afraid of it being used against me? If one's going to use it, then use it. Why tell everyone? He's a child yelling in the supermarket for attention. I don't think I've ever heard of my top five posters as ever even threatening to use it. They're not children.

    • and insulting remarks??? Your previous posts were so stupid, it was obvious that you were criticizing information you didn�t understand, partially from the lack of knowledge and the remainder because you were to lazy to back tract on previous post to determine what it was all about. Your later post reveled that you have a small investment held over 2 year. You probably don�t have much interest or time available to spend scrounge around for bits and pieces of information to contributing to the board. Let�s face it, it�s much easier to type out some garbage off the top of your head. Therefore your critical comments were meant to put others down that are willing to put out the time and effort. Your attitude is that because you purchased 2 years ago, you know every thing there is to know and it�s apparent to you that we were wasting our time. This was supposed to boost your status in our eyes. But the posts were so stupid they did the opposite. Don�t blame it on me, it was your decision and it failed. Put the blame where it belongs, on your own egotism, negativity and laziness.

      By the way, I don�t take advice from people I don�t respect and you have posted nothing to show you deserve respect. Try spending some time and effort adding to information that can help you and others in their investment decisions, maybe then, you�ll get some earned respect.

    • >>>I may be a negative piece of shit,<<<

      Well at least you admit what you are. I wouldn't have put it in those terms but I do give you credit for agreeing that you do have a negative nature. On the positive side, to this point I do feel your honest.

      Back to the negative (because I just run out of positives) your also cynical without provication when you address people. If that's your habit, then maybe you should find out what's wrong with your head. (There must be a madical term for that.) I'll look it up and get back with you on it. I just looked up and realized I accidently misspelled medical. I was going to change it but for some reason don't want to.

      You know, this all really came about from you bursting onto the board acting like a fool. See, a fool is someone that goes out looking for enemies among other things. Have you ever wondered about your self destructive pattern?

      It's funny that you make a comment about getting a life. We talked about that phrase in the past from other not unlike yourself.
      We all already have a life. Even you. Just wondering how much your enjoying yours though if it's so easy to jump down perfect strangers thoats rather than simply stating that you dissagree with what they think and go on from there.
      Just letting you know what I think.

    • <<How original. Somewhat like me saying that look up mostlysilent33 in the dictionary under kiss-ass. But I wouldn't say such an unoriginal thing.

      By the way, the point of putting someone on ignore is to keep them there, isn't it?>>

      Oh my, you DO have a thin skin don't you? Yes, I have you on my ignore list, but every now and then I turn it off to see just how the pitiful attention-starved little people I have tuned out are doing. Judging on today's outbursts, I'd have to say not too well. Why don't you try getting out of your parents basement, or your trailer, or wherever you dwell and get a real life beyond message boards? Maybe you'll lose some weight, clear up your pimples, or even get a girlfriend. Don't be afraid, it's really not that bad in the real world.

      And, alas, being Monday tomorrow and back to work, I will now turn the ignore feature back on. So, adieu, my fair Catsforever, and I'll check in with you again the next Sunday I'm really bored.

    • Cats, you stole my ass-kissing line. What do you suppose threw the child into a tantrum in the first place? He's really pissed now that you didn't include him in the top five posters and you'll pay for it dearly...LOL I guess he thinks that the people that post the same messages the most times in one day are the top posters...Who wants to read the same drivel more than once anyway...

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