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  • go_st_bonaventure go_st_bonaventure Jan 30, 2004 2:47 PM Flag

    some numbers

    could biolase have sold 600 units last quarter?

    2200 per year/4= 550

    they outpaced that and couldn't make them fast enough. They increased inventory Q3 in anticipation of big sales 4Q.
    Dr FEgg what is the revenue at 600 Waterlase? I can't do higher math.

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    • I don't assume anything sir. The way you denigrade a post because someone has a different opinion speaks volumes of your intellect.

      No assumption there, you are an idiot !


    • i got in at 4+, am i an idiot now? i pay long term tax, am i an idiot still? never assume you know me!

    • You're right, I had 11k shares at 11+ and rode it to 20 I'm a real loser you idiot.

      I can see you contribute enormously to this board. Continued success and don't forget to take your medication.


    • Good to hear, for a change, about an American Company that achieved improved efficiencies without "outsourcing" the work to India-or worse yet China!! Congrats-you do have good management.

    • hahahah your pkewls personal lemming hahahaha


    • I for one enjoy reading your posts, when you were short it added a sense of balance. Now that you're long, I feel even better about taking a position again.

      Nothing wrong with being short and then converting. I should know I was short this stock then rode up to 20 and change now back in, its all about trying to make money long or short.

      This time around I'll hold through earnings let's hope they don't botch it up again.


    • Maybe related personal experience.

      3years ago: Inventory turns: 12

      Current inventory turns: just under 26

      Operation's Headcount increase 35%

      Inventory turns goal 2005: 35

      Owner of the company (distributor for much larger Co.) pushed hard in the right ways when he saw the economy tanking. I wasn't so sure that we would make these gains but here we are.

      A personal friend of my boss/owner and fellow owner of a distributorship wasn't so interested in such initiatives . . .Corporate just stepped over his dead body a few weeks back and put a new owner in place.

      I am certainly have more to worry about with potential for vendors to screw me, and my headcount seems thin compared to past, but damn its worked out great.

      Biolase should be able to handle its challenges. From all I see they have stronger management and ownership than where I work, and I have a high opinion of management at my place.


    • While plugging in new employees to an already existing manufacturing framework seems to be the simplist solution to increasing production, that part(people) is also the most expensive. But what a good/bad time to hire new employees for production. S/B plenty of good workers available, everything's setup and ready...Oh, Oh. OEMs also need to rachet up their output and now face all the same challenges from their OEMs etc. This could be trickier than we thought because we have multiple suppliers(redundancy)and they all face their particular challenges. Maybe not as easy as we first thought!
      Fly like a bird OLDBOLD and keep that loud noise going at all times.

    • Like all exercises with numbers one has to be careful. The 2200 annual capacity figure was worldwide. We don't know if the German facility had the same type of order/run rate as the US. So in order to do this with some degree of accuracy we'd have to know the capacities of each facility and then adjust for the fact that the German facility doesn't have the benefit of a consumer market with US tax benefits. Can any one give us the seperate capacities of the 2 plants?

    • that was it thank you

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