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  • robertbr2320 robertbr2320 Feb 21, 2004 6:18 PM Flag


    The reason I said "It's all downhill from here"
    is, I hear other people refer to something as being an uphill struggle. So I figured downhill must be better, meaning, it's easier to walk downhill than uphill.
    I think that if your interested in sky diving then it would be a good experience for you. But in my opinion, it has to be something that you truly desire. As for myself, I grew up dreaming of being in the sky among the clouds.
    I fantasised about it as a kid. But I also loved living on the edge now and then. It made me feel as if I won something somehow by pulling something off. One morning I woke up when I was about 24 and thought of the night before. I actually got scared thinking of it and deceided if I don't change my attitude then I will never make it. The only reason I'm saying these things is because those were two elements that I seemed to be born with. Beleive you me. The risk taking element is long gone in my book...LOL. I'm extremely safty concious now.
    We all have our phobias though. I once got on a motorcycle and rode it down a side street and back. By the time I got back, my knees were knocking and felt like I was going to shake myself to death. Being unprotected in the street scared the heck out of me. I was hit by a car 3 seperate times and thrown out of the street twice from it though. So that's propably where that came from.
    Going skydiving helped change my life. Not so much because of things that would seem obvious.
    But it more so with the new freinds that I made and how we/they interacted socially with each other. The atmosphere was so different for the most part. It's a chance to be yourself with no fear of someone thinking your just some kind of happy twit with no substance.
    They all know there is more under the surface that doesn't have to be brought out and paraded around. You mentioned your gay freind that sky dives. There are so many cross sections of people out there and everyone seems to be on common ground for some reason.
    My neighbor is gay. He's got orange hair and an ear ring and has his own lawn and snow shoveling business. His preference isn't a topic between the two of us and he cuts my lawn and shovels my snow. For the longest time he locked himself in the house at night and wouldn't go out to the bar. He finally got the nerve to do it. The following week I was in the back yard practicing my chipping as he cut the grass behind the garage. He finally shut the mower off and aproached me quite nervously.
    Although we never talked about this before or since, he was looking for my advice about some guy he met the week before at the bar. In short. They hit it off good that night in the bar but then this guy gave him the cold shoulder after that. He was practically crying and emotion, saying he wasn't going to go out and trust people anymore. I got a little irrate and told him if you do that then your letting one person control your life and turn your own house into a jail cell and that he shouldn't give someone that much power.
    I walked in the house and stood alone in the kitchen and couldn't beleive what I had just done, but I felt good about it. Acouple weeks later, he yelled over at me from his back yard and said I was right and thanked me for the advice. That was about 5 years ago. I sensed that the whole conversation to begin with was, he was simply looking for acceptance from me as a human being. I done a lot of things in my life but I never seen myself giving social advice to a freind and neighbor that is gay..
    Sorry, I got off the sky diving. I will write a couple more posts on that this weekend.
    I don't/havn't done that since the accident and I regret nothing about it. Sky diving was an enriching experience for me.

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