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  • islb3 islb3 Apr 28, 2004 3:17 PM Flag

    It all makes sense


    BLTI's doing a secondary, so let's say they stuff the distributors warehouses with inventory to dress up the financials. Certain people find out and know that they'll be discovered after the secondary....suddenly you have 9 million shares shorted for no apparent reason. Company gets angry when questioned about inventory and evades the issue in favor of "it's a short plot". Stupidist answer immaginable. Company hires an IR guy. I sure hope it's not true, but it could be and it's too expensive to hang around to find out.

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    • Yes! The co is responding to the holders with a new PR position that should help our image. As for their business success what more could we ask? Their weakness seems to be in defending themselves and us from outside BS! But no one can deny the year to year growth of this thing, nor the upcoming new products, which could revolutionize surgery as it is doing with dentistry (granted slowly) and major profits will come! Long and strong, let Mgt manage and PR represent, I believe!

    • It is very telling to me to see all these so called investors in BLTI questioning the company and shaking in their boots. Nothing has changed since they reported, except that they are in better shape than ever, prospects have NEVER been better. So they spent some money on market penetration, so they missed by a penny per share, if you take the income tax provision into account. Business is going gangbusters, they have just started in CEOs own words. Believe in your company folks, or move on!!

    • Well spoken-I sense some panic here among those I've had better opinions of in the past.

    • Basically you hit the nail on the head.

      greenberg is just stringing us along.

      mat sphincter is happy because he has herb's tongue.

    • Plus, it is my opinion that these distributors could have already collected committments from dentists and surgeons -- and had them presold. look at that one dentist i found who owned 4 Biolase units!

    • "Look at your hands. Are they strong? Neverending story strong? Or does fear of some idiot named..."

      Hahahaha, I keep thinking about the idiot who sold his shares because the CC wouldn't have a phone number. ROFL!

      Well the price did go down so I guess it was a good move, but talk about a weak hand! He could have very very easily made the wrong move, and because of a lack of a phone number.

      This is the reason why the market is inefficient. LOL!

    • The insinuation (not solid enough to be called an allegation) is that units were bought to "stuff the channel" to imply revenues and demand are better than they are.

      There is evidence that this is NOT THE CASE.

      1) If revenue was inflated by stuffing the channel, the company would not have built new capacity, as it could have remained within guidance and built capacity later, as they had earlier stated.

      2) If revenue was inflated by stuffing the channel, the company would not have grown net revs by 89%, as exceedeng 40-50% was unnecessary.

      3) Clearly the distrubutor bought some number of Waterlase units at a "distributor discount" (granted to help fund their sales and marketing efforts) then they drastically and grossly marked them up. Take a US $55K retail laser, wholesale it at $40 to Australia, they mark it up to $100K, how many are they going to sell? How well will that price compete with a Japanese laser at 6 mos for $99?

      4) This company has operated with complete integrity, to the level of voluntarily asking for an SEC ruling on revenue recognition (a minor issue in the Sarbanes Oxley world), which resulted in the NASD adding an "E" to their exchange symbol.

      5) It is HIGHLY NORMAL to have distributors by products to resell when there is a tangible asset involved. My company sells software, which is intangible, so no inventory or pre-buy was necessary. But when there is a real product that cost real money to make, it is ordinary to sell it for a profit. The part they may have made an error on is letting the distributor establish the local price. Tough call, not one I know enough about to second-guess.

      If stalwart old-guard longs are worrying, Herb is accomplishing his mission, and the shorts may escape for a song.

      Look at your hands. Are they strong? Neverending story strong? Or does fear of some idiot named "Herb" spitting in your eye make you let go? Who caused you to fall? Herb or your hands? (Correct answer: you and your hands caused you to fall.)

    • St.B opines, "The insinuation is that the demand was not really there, whether or not the revenue was recognized or recieved.
      Get it?
      Its an issue and the silence from the company is deafening right now. They could fix this why are they not?"

      He's starting to sound like me, questioning management

      This leads to another question. The board seemed of the opinion that the factory was operating at capacity in December. If that were true would it make sense to be stockpiling units? If it wasn�t true, did they really need to expand the plant?

      One more question without an answer, �How many of the units sold in January were a result of the backlog in December? Was there a similar problem last year? If even 20 units were moved forward the impact to this quarter�s numbers would be huge.

    • You point about Herb bringing up a vague arguement is right on. Read what he said - "Truth be told: Pain is in the nerve endings of the beholder, and there are no studies to support the claim. In fact, there are no studies to support quite a few of the company's claims." Here's he insinuating that the painless in most cases claim made by the company is false. And he does not elaborate on the "quite a few" claims either. If he were a real reported he would call 20 or so Waterlase uses and see what they say. I'm sure he did not do that.

      It's obvious somthing is not right with his reporting.

      Go look at the growth over last 14 profitable quarters and think about could that be done by selling to distributors and units "collecting dust" at the distributor. What a joke Herb is. End of story.

    • it sure is the most absurd idiotic speculation. who started the rumor?

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