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  • ehwest2 ehwest2 May 5, 2004 8:40 AM Flag

    1000 shares in 7 years = $2 MILLION

    At 60% growth in revenues,each year, in 4 years, 1 out of 10 Dentist in the U.S. will be using a waterlase.

    In 5 1/2 years, 2 out of 10.

    In 7 years, 4 out of 10.

    Estimated share price.

    2/2005=$30, 2/2006=$60, 2/2007=$120, 2/2008=$240, 2/2009=$480, 2/2010=$960, 2/2011=$1920

    For every 1000 shares ($13,000) almost $2,000,000 (2 MILLION) in 7 years.

    I've got the 7-year ITCH already.

    And this my friends is why you pay 100 times earnings for certain stocks. IMO LSCP + GIVN also have this growth potential and of course there are others.

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    • Reminds me of the time one of my friends blocked John Force in a porta potty with his golf cart against the door. This was at Indianapolis raceway park, two years ago. He yelled quite a bit before my freinds let him out. He was a good sport about it until he noticed that my buddy ran over his beer that was sitting outside. We got him a fresh one though. ;)

    • Thought you would appreciate that.

      Yeah, Right. Thanks a lot. Yuk.

    • Speaking of tanks an employee on my fathers farm in the 70's fell into a septic tank thats lid had been removed. Luckily he went in feet first and only up to his waist. No cuts or serios injuries yet he spent 2 months in the hospital trying to recover from the massive infections caused by the bacteria in the sewer water that entered in through his anis and penis. Nice right, tell that to your grandkids.
      Glad it wasn't me. Although due to my small frame and 5'9'" tall and my dad and brothers well over 6'4" I was always nominated to climb into rental house septic tanks to retrieve the used tampons which were blocking up the systems. Glad those days are over : ).
      Thought you would appreciate that.


    • I wonder how long it would take for a person to overlay an experience like that with good thoughts? How many times, when sitting down to breakfast, lunch or dinner, would he run screaming into the shower?

      In the 1940's my little cousin, about 8 years old, went out to get the cows for milking. One of them had a cough and had also been eating too much fresh grass. He got to close to her as she coughed and crapped. We had to dip him in the water tank by the windmill befor his mom would allow him near the house.

      We need a .25 pop here to get this thing moving again. I'm not optomistic.

    • Oldbold, I hear that POTR-A-POTTY has incorporated just such an exercise in their field service training. It's part of their "crash training" program.

    • about a year or so ago some worker on a job site was in one of the porto potties at closing time and the thing go hit by a fork lift or back hoe and knocked it over door down. The equip. opperator did not notice that he had hit it and went home. The guy spend the night in it.

    • Thats funny! LMAO

    • Years ago I had 5000 shares of Summit
      Tech but sold it for a gain of 150%.
      Dammit, If I would have kept it for 4
      years more I would have been living in
      the Caymen Islands in a nice penthouse.
      But then again, if I would have hung on to
      it 7 years I would only be living in Playa
      Del Carmen in a nice seaside cottage
      No, I will not sell my Biolase to
      anyone for many years! I kind of like
      St.Martin or St.Barts now anyway. So matbe
      its a good thing Biolase has come around
      after my short(get it)sightedness with

    • I heard that, too. Also, this ought to interest you Tom....PORT-A-POTTY is coming out with a turntable model to reduce restroom time at the jobsite. The only problem is that the company is having trouble retaining field service engineers. It seems that the service calls are pretty harrowing.

    • Is that anything like the crack-o-lase for plumbers?

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