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  • Wrife Wrife May 13, 2004 4:55 PM Flag

    Old bald faggot

    Your posts are reflective of your severely low IQ. But you're a Republican so I guess that's why you express yourself so retardedly You're a sad individual & I actually feel sorry for anyone that's as mentally challenged as you.

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    • Technology seems to progress in leaps and jumbs. right after WW2 and even befor, the developed countries with the fire power charged into Germany to get their hands on the technology they had developed. One of these was the swept wing aircraft designs. They were way ahead of us in this stuff. Ol' Hitler and his buddies were big on high tech.

    • My memory is that no one had been able to create a formula to explain/predict some aerodynamic process. He was able to find a mathematical explanation for the process, but someone else solved it first. He said some conundrums go unsolved for decades (or centuries) and then someone somewhere will discover an intermediate step leading to a rush to solve the question at hand by more than one person. He was literally only a day or two behind the other guy.

    • HMC is an incredibly good school, although it has it's drawbacks... of all educational institutions in America, including MIT etc., HMC has the highest percentage of graduates going on to get Ph.D.'s, something outrageous like 55 percent.

      The drawbacks? Small school, crappy football team and a 5:1 male-female ratio. And let me tell you, the females that do end up going are nothing to write home about. Lucky that Scripps is next door (an all-female liberal arts college), mostly rich girls and lesbians.

      Sometimes I wish I went to UC Berkeley instead. I turned down Cal's engineering program to go to HMC, at times I think I would have received just as good an education there but had a lot more fun.

    • What was the mystery. Obviously, I have a personal interest. LOL

    • My calculus instructor in college graduated from Harvey Mudd. When asked where he graduated from, he would say Harvey Mudd and they inevitably would say "Oh, Harvard Med?". He would respond, "yes".

      He taught at MIT before teaching at FSU. He was doing his dissertation on the aerodynamics of wings to solve at that time a decades old mystery, but had to scrap it because someone else published the solution before he could publish.

    • thanks

      Of course this might mean I can find yet more ways to lose $, but I'm curious what you've come up with in today's market

    • Yeah you can find it at

    • sure, check your email, brett ;)

    • Whoops used my gorgonzola_man ID. Heh. That was me (but I think everyone knows I am gorgonzola man on this board).

    • Hey thanks man! :) I got ribbed on the ISNS board for recommending Biolase (and for telling them I put ISNS in my newsletter). Like your Er:YSGG joke. :)

      A lot of my selections are down right now... a couple are down A LOT, Biolase being among the worst of them... however, the funny thing is, Biolase is the one I am most confident in going forward. To be honest, I only hold 3 of my recommendations in my own account right now: BLTI, ISNS and WEBX. Most of it is in BLTI, and I have been accumulating since December of last year.

      You might not have been able to short LWAY... I tried 4 times and could not get shares. Supposedly Cybertrader had a lot to short, but I don't have any accounts there.

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