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  • billberggren billberggren Jun 15, 2004 10:21 PM Flag

    Anyone know of hot new industries.

    BLTI does not need options. Any highly trained monkey can sell blti products in America. They sell themselves. You go to work, collect a paycheck if you are not happy you quit. Thats the way jobs work. BTW, 20 years from now, how is blti going to attract new employees. They are going to have to give out options I suppose. The same argument will be used in 20 years from now. Options are by crooks for crooks. Options have already ripped money off me from the BLTI shares I own. The new pool is for like 10 percent of outstanding. Thus, BLTI executives just ripped us all off 10 percent of the value of our stock.

    By giving someone options you are basically paying someone $10,000,000 for a job that could be done for $20,000. Sounds like bad management to me.

    Hot new industries do not need options. AUO does not need new options. Many young companies are buying back shares. BLTI could easily cancel their option plans and start a buyback program.

    So STF up con man. Options are so tech bubble.

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    • You always demonstrate how little you understand with each post.

      Someone gets 10 million in options when their
      job is worth 20K?!?


      Management must have hit the fucking jackpot!

      What kind of unhappy shareholder will you find in that scenario?

      For some piss-ant employee who gets paid less than a janitor to have 10 million in options, that stock would have to have gone through the roof by historical proportions.

      You see, nobody gives "the janitor" or whoever makes 20K more than say, 1K of options. That's diddly-squat.

      That means your shares are now worth 10 thousand dollars each.

      Management was bad?!?


      What the fuck are you talking about?



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      • You have to take everything literally. Why give an employee $10 million in options when they already make $100K a year? Options are more of a ponzi scheme, if an employee wants options let them buy them on the free market with their salary.

        It is true every option given out is ripping off us current shareholders to pay for them. If majority shareholders approve a 10 percent option plan they just ripped me off 10 percent in the value in my investment instantaneously.
        Where did the money go, the option recipients.
        In fact the new option plan could account for recent stock drop.

        As far as BLTI is concerned they are average with options. Average is not good enough anymore, I want below average or none.

        All I asked was if anyone knew any hot new industries. And no one could.

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