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  • bltilasercat bltilasercat Aug 1, 2004 3:18 PM Flag

    New Laser Research with Huge Potential

    Dr. Sebastian Ciancio is a distinguished service professor and chairman in the Department of Periodontics and Endodontics and is the director for the Center for Dental Studies at the State University of New York at Buffalo. He has authored and co-authored more than 150 publications and has received numerous honors for his work in the field of Periodontics. Recently in an interview, Dr. Ciancio was asked the following question:

    �Increasingly we see laser technology being used during periodontal procedures. How do you feel about this trend and what do you see as the technology�s best uses in specific applications?�

    As a true researcher and academic person, he wants to see �the data.� However, below is a direct quote from Dr. Ciancio answering the above question. It was taken from the Dental Practice Report (April 2004 issue):

    <<<<�I think we have to continue investigations of lasers. There is an early research report that will be presented at the 2004 IADR (International Association for Dental Research) meeting from Dr. Ray Yukna (a clinical researcher of equal or higher regard than Dr. Ciancio) in New Orleans in which he discusses treating periodontal pockets with a laser. He (Yukna) only talks about six pockets in six patients that he treats with the laser, but the significance is that he was able to take block sections from each patient. He shows that with using a laser beam he was able to gain reattachment and new cementum in these pockets and two of the six pockets (had) bone regeneration. So how does this happen? Did the laser stimulate growth factors? What we need is more thorough control studies of the laser in terms of what it can do for treating periodontal disease.�>>>>

    WOW!! Dr Yukna was able to grow new tissues by using a laser (the article did not specify which type of laser was used in this study). The laser energy caused the growth of new cementum (a tissue layer covering the root surface necessary for attachment), new bone and also caused the gum to regain attachment. They do not know why it works, just that it apparently does and "growing new attachment structures" has been the ultimate goal for periodontists for years. I have also achieved spectacular results in many patients. Maybe it is because of growth factors, but regardless of the biological reasons, it works. I have observed that the Waterlase used in the treatment of periodontal disease commonly yields remarkable results. Of course I know there are those that will say Dr. Ray Yukna is also a �pump and dumper.�

    When dental research bears out the mechanism of action for what many laser clinicians observe clinically, the publicity will be overwhelming. If indeed, lasers stimulate growth factors, while killing bacteria to enhance and accelerate the healing process, the impact will be HUGE! Lasers are very new technology in dentistry. There is still a great deal to learn and to prove. The profession does not want to hear, �it just works.� It also wants to know why it works. When this happens, expect widespread acceptance, and if Ray Yukna is working on it that is about as good as it gets. He is one sharp periodontist.


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    • "Nd:YAGs can cause sub-surface thermal damage at intensities and pulse lengths offered with all current commercial units."
      Yea, and you can fry things with a diode or erbium if used improperly. Just tell me you're not basing your objections on the often cited Cobb paper and I won't argue w/ you.

      "Currently, no method is available to keep track of dosage received in areas treated."

      Actually , the Periolase records Joules of energy used during the procedure and it can be printed out.

      "I would fire any dentist that tells you he can treat your cavities with Nd:YAG"

      I'd agree, but I don't think I've ever heard anyone propse doing that with anything other than incipient lesions. He could treat incipient lesions, but its not worth the hassle. Treatment w/ the nd:YAG would increase the bond strength (compared to highspeed prep).

    • We should folloow this research to find out what laser equipemnt Dr. Yukna used.

    • I was interveiwing this week my new dentist. We we talking and this topic in a way came up. Another dentist or specialist that does that same procedure. Will send over his patient to have the spot where they did the skin graph on the roof of the mouth to be Waterlased so it kills the pain of the now removed skin, and really helps heal much faster and seal up the wound. He said that the wound now feels more like a hot pizza burn than a open wound. He does not own a Waterlase, but he obvious sees the benifit of the Waterlase. That realy hit home with me on how good the Waterlase is. When one someone goes to get Waterlased after somthing like that I know it works as claimed. I will post my interview later I hope you enjoy it.

    • My dentist has left his previous association and gone out on his own. Before, he had access to two waterlases. Now he has none. I asked him if he intends to get one and he replied that sooner or later, as soon as he can come up with the funds.
      One thing that he mentioned was the outstanding ability of the waterlase to clear up skin blemishes. He said it does the job so well that he didn't charge for the service. He mentioned this after I suggested that pain-free dentistry is a huge attraction for 'family business'. He says that is minor compared to the appeal it has for women. In 5 years dentists will be FDA approved for many cosmetic operations. Biolase will be at the forefront.

      I am giving "Strong Buy" after a long hiatus. I could not care less about those who trash this stock....they are long term fools. Meanwhile continue to encourage mgt to withdraw from the Berlin-Bremen Stock Exchange. When that happens, there will be a short-squeeze of monumental proportions.

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