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  • brettkeating brettkeating Aug 29, 2004 3:33 AM Flag

    Criticizing veterans of this country

    is about the most low-life shit I have ever heard.

    My father in law, who passed away last year, was an army colonel who had been in three helicopter crashes (one of which he was the sole survivor) and served in three wars. He was a Pearl Harbor survivor, and was also in the Korean and Vietnam wars. His medal collection, which I now am the proud owner of, is quite outstanding and totals over 30 medals, several of which are purple hearts. I'm certain his war record far outshines that of Kerry.

    Regardless of that, Kerry is a war veteran.

    What about the soldier who went to war and came back in a coffin with no medals, nothing. Is his war record less than Kerry's? Can we criticize that soldier for his war record? Could Kerry, just like any other soldier in a war, have been that soldier?

    If Kerry was KIA you better believe we would not be having this discussion.

    All I have to know is this: Did Kerry serve my country in a war effort? The answer is yes, and as far as I'm concerned that's all I need to know.

    I seriously doubt Kerry went to Vietnam in order to earn Purple Hearts to help him win a presidency 30 years later. That's what makes this whole discussion even more ridiculous. Debating the merits of Kerry's purple hearts has so little to do with the campaign and the presidency it's simply amazing to me that it's getting so much attention.

    FYI I don't like Kerry or Bush... but I come damn near HATING anyone who dares criticize a veteran soldier about whether or not he really deserved that medal or this medal. If you're doing that, you probably don't know shit about what it means to serve your country.

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    • Weren't "chads" a papertrail? Like to see us go thru that one everytime an election comes up? Who could foist a giant election-stealing conspiracy off on this nation today? The Jimmy Carterites would really have a tizzy if someone ever tried that. i.e. See Florida 2000!!!

    • Am I sensing some desperation here? Couldn't be the result of the various polls that are now showing major Republican strength going into the fall election windup!!I love it when you folks use that innuendo stuff-saves a lot of wear and tear on the facts!! I've been telling you "it's over, get used to it" for a long time now, remember? It's over(again), get used to it.

    • How often do you get out and are you by yourself or with a keeper?? My advice is to keep an eye out for the black heliocopters, they're everywhere!!

    • Good recollection here Robert-but you may be wasting your breath-and knowledge!From what I can read here, I am of the opinion that the Democrats do not want facts to clutter-up their versions of history. We call it the McAullife effect and it's in the manual.

    • "He likes to be considered a fair minded journalist. He's not"

      truthfully, when i first caught him while surfing channels i thought pretty much the opposite. he was really grilling somebody on the left and i figured him definitely to be from the right. only caught him a few times since then and have seen him grilling both sides pretty well, so i changed to a neutral opinion.

    • "Go for it."

      nahhh. just trying to teach you something about civility. but we northeasterners can't seem to get it through the thick skulls of you guys out there still playing at the wild old west. especially the old dogs where the new tricks thing comes into play.

      don't you know most of that wild west stuff was fallacy as well, invented or embellished upon by those old northern media guys? and here you thought the liberal lying media was invented in the 20th century 8>). come to the streets of ny and you'll have all the wild west fantasy stuff you want for real. just go to the west side of manhattan. especially during the rest of the convention.

      loved the beans thing. be good

    • Yep. Heard that one too. As i said, i have heard all the short jokes.
      True story,
      When I lived in Alaska I received a plain brown envelope with no return address on it. I opened it and there was a 45 RPM record in it with no label. I played it on my old turn table that had one of those removable centers to accomodate the 45 rpm records.

      The recording was some guy singing the song, "Short People". I dont remember the lyrcs but is was funny although a bit insulting.

      I was not offended except for one thing. The envelope was sent with no postage on it so I had to pay the 45 cents or so to be insulted. LOL

      MrX says i'm nasty. I wonder what you call some of his libalist conspiricy theories?

    • OB, Thank god you didn't marry a tall lady! If you had you wouldn't get any sleep. Why you asked? If you sleep nose to nose your toes are in it. If you sleep toes to toes your nose is it! No offense, we need levity here with what has been done by the shorts to one of the fastest growing companies in North America! MN

    • I knew you had to have some personal problems to be so nasty sometimes. You're probably no prettier than Michael Moore, either.

      Why not just sit back and enjoy the spin fest in NY.

    • <<Honest question; what was he? >>

      A liar, a partisan liar. He likes to be considered a fair minded journalist. He's not. I began getting hints of this early on when he was stacking his guest list with more liberals than conservatives and playing pile on. Then I found out some of his closest friends were and are Clintonites and his wife is a liberal reporter. I tune in to his show now and then because i like to know what the enemy is doing but for the most part I avoid him.

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