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  • robertbr2320 robertbr2320 Oct 16, 2004 9:28 PM Flag

    This election sucks

    Everyone "including myself" is either bashing Kerry or Bush.

    No one is pulling out a laundry list of the good things either have done during thier political career. Why?...Because to my knowledge, there is nowhere to begin.

    In my opinion, those that will go vote for Kerry would just as likely vote for Micky and Goofy and the rest of the Disney characters.

    On the other hand, there are many "such as myself" that will settle for being depressed and vote for Bush.

    Anyone that will be happy to vote for Bush, please tell me why, without trashing Kerry in the process please. Just little things like, what has he done in 4 years to make America a better place to live sort of stuff? Maybe someone has something to say that inspires me to be a happy voter come November 2nd.

    Hope you excuse my abrasivness tonight, but I've had two glasses of wine and never could hold my drinks...LOL..

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    • Thanks for the site; good read and interesting background.

    • Ahhh, that helped a lot. I didn't know the name of the organization. Once I did, I could run a google search on it. I come up with many articles. Most were either related to anti Kerry or anti Bush slanted articles that I didn't want to post. I did find one that I believe is not slanted and I think is un biased.

      One thing that I would like to say on my own about this is that no two things are exactly the same. For instance: Over 6 million Germans were killed during the war that lasted 6 years and thier cities were nothing but rubble. Ten to fifteen thousand Iraqi's were killed during this last war that was of much shorter duration and thier cities are not leveled to the ground as in Germany. We also had a huge force in Germany as opposed to Iraq. So, I understand some of the simularities but also named some but not all of the differences.

    • You have interpreted history correctly in regard to the german group that called themselves "weirwoves" for some obscure reason. They were mainly made-up of out-of-power nazis and young men who would mindlessly do their bidding-much as we are seeing in Iraq. It's hard to dispute history but we can expect a rant on this.

    • your entire post is agreed to by me Robert. and until we're all automatons there'll always be fringe groups of various whacked out ideologies from all points of the compass plaguing us. i guess especially pumpers and dumpers on stockboards 8>). regards

    • riwir, actually I was channeling my thoughts to the group that was attacking the infrastructure of the country with explosives.
      At the time, we rendered them impotent and even though there remain nazi groups around the world, thier not blowing up warehouses and depots to my knowledge. Actually, I was on the subject of armed nazi organizations that were killing American service men after WW2 and that was the only point I was trying to make. But, I agree with you. Nazi organizations in America, Germany and around the world will most likely always be a threat.

    • Robert, it never went away. take a look at what's been happening in germany over the past few years. a resurgence of that "impotent" group.

    • ooops, post. Not posy.

    • Pucky, I watched a documentry on posy WW2 Germany recently and that's how I knew about it. There was an underground Nazi faction that where blowing things up and attempting to get to get the general population to revolt. My understanding is that it was a serious problem for about two years and American service men were still being killed until this Nazi faction was finally destroyed or at least made imopotent.

    • Problems in Germany following WWII are well documented although difficult to dig-up now because of rampant PC. Japan a totally different picture and the main reason McArthur wanted Emperor kept on throne instead of being prosecuted as a war criminal, as he most assuredly was!

    • I attended last week a talk where Carville and his wife Mary Mattlin debated for an hour the pro's and con's of their candidates. While each scored great debating points Carville had two very astute observations and one particularly caustic comment about a candidate:

      1) The anti-globalist/isolationists are within 1-2 years of forming into an increasingly extremist group combining no more "free trade" with anti foreign entanglements (no more wars, the WTO or military alliances). He viewed the isolationist-populist parts of the rhetoric of Perot, Buchanan, Nader and the anti-WTO protesters as being both the left and right searching for common ground on this.

      I had the impression that he believed that as it gains traction-probably during the next recession--he thinks that if one major party doesn't grab a hold of the issue as "theirs" there will be a new party or an increasingly radicalized fringe trying to bring down the entire "system".

      2) Which ever party loses this election has a high likelihood of fracturing. He didn't say if it would be permanent or temporary but he said the Democrats, especially the "base" would risk leaving the party since they now had "given their all" in money and effort to defeat Bush and if they couldn't do so with the Demo party they would take their energy elsewhere.

      Meantime the Republicans have no unifying Presidential candidate in 2008 and the "main street" (budget conscious and protectionist) Republicans distrust the "wall street" (Laffer curve and pro outsourcing) and both of the aforementioned detest the evangelicals and their anti abortion/antigay from the religious right.

      An observation-- He HATES Nader. I liked the phrase he used,
      "I wouldn't piss down his throat if his heart were on fire"

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