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  • juassanus juassanus Mar 1, 2005 10:13 PM Flag

    Talk at the water bottle,

    OOPS,I mean water cooler,
    Sad face continue.

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    • None of my business, but VISG one doggie-looking stock. One is tempted to ask: what the hell are you thinking?

      IMO this is a treacherous market so why are you trying to make diamonds out of dog sh*t?
      Think you can call the bottom and be a hero?

      Beware...remember if you indeed are a super guru, you can always sell and get back in later.


    • "The business model remains selling lasers to dentists without one."

      at the risk of having been beaten to this in someone's later post, the model also includes selling an improved model to dentists already laser equipped. before shorts jump on that, think what would happen if no one bought improved models of anything.

    • guerriers_harry_carey_glasses guerriers_harry_carey_glasses Mar 3, 2005 9:59 AM Flag

      I forgot to introduce myself. I'll be hanging around here for a while. Ta ta.

    • guerriers_harry_carry_glasses guerriers_harry_carry_glasses Mar 3, 2005 9:56 AM Flag

      Didn't dupe me.

    • "Jeese! Frank has suckered you guys in again. Phew! Dont you all ever learn?"

      I love it! Now all bashers, whether or not it is Frank Guerrier, are called Frank. "Frank" literally for the real Frank, and "Frank" figuratively for any new basher posting misinformation.

      Will the real Frank please stand up. I used to watch "To Tell The Truth" when I was young. Interesting parallel between that show and anonymous message boards...

    • Jeese! Frank has suckered you guys in again. Phew! Dont you all ever learn?

      Robert, et all: Hope you didnt sell DSTI.

    • >>The company is not attempting to change its business model. The business model remains selling lasers to dentists without one.

      Surf caster has a point though it is streched. It is a red flag when a company changes a successful business formula. The worst examples of this are found in retailing. Retailers with a successful model who change and try something else often fail and the stock suffers.

      I do not think this issue is as applicable to a medical device company. I do agree with surf caster that selling eye care lasers likely represents a change in business model and is clearly a different market opportunity. It is, I think, a different business model because as doc has suggested the royalty probably will be based on a per proceedure basis rather than sale of equipment (dentistry).

      Whether a vision care laser that addresses presbyopia is successful will depend on the quality of the proceedure. IF* the scarring and glare can be eliminated, BLTI HAS A BIG WINNER.

      Again IF*, this really works I would consider having my own presbyopia corrected.


      * By selectively capitalizing letters I am stressing the word. By IF I am stressing that I do not know if the condition is true.

    • The answer to your query is embodied in your perplexed statement of fact.....the same people that are currently doing your root canals and your crown W/O a Waterlase will buy this equipment!
      Business Marketing 101: Target current NON- Users for high probability of sale. Awareness x Availability x Purchase Behavior = Probability of Sale.

    • I sold VISG a long time ago. I liked the company and management. But there were other things that made me shy away from it in the end.

      For one, the competition is stiff in that area.
      Another is that the more I read about facial recognition technology, the more I realized that it is also somewhat unreliable.

      And finally, I was concerned about dillution of shares over the up comming offering that has been over for quite a while now.

      I made a bundle on IPIX and MAGS when they were buying irrationally and VISG was riding their coat tails to a point. At the time, I felt VISG had better long term prospects than the other two and held on to it for a while.
      I didn't invest as heavy into it as much as the other two, but I held it longer. Eventually, I felt it would be better to let it go for a while and see how it would react after the offering was complete.

      I did appreaciate managment notifying share holders way in advance, so as it stood no chance of being manipulated up in share price as BLTI was before management dropped there bomb on us at $15+.

      As you know, VISG got hit after hours for missing earning projections and reporting accounting problems. The shorts just love the heck out of that and bleed it as much as they can short time.

      VISG still looks to be profitable for 2005 and I believe that the three acquisitions that they made this year were a good move. I still believe VISG is a good long term investment. I just lost patience with it for the time being and also didn't want to tie the money up in something that I thought could benefit me better elswhere.

      I have kept my eye on it and may buy some shares if I think they beat the stock up more than what's deserved. I believe they have great managment and will be around for a long time.

      Good luck.

    • >> ...because dial up became Stone Age technology � people were migrating to cable modem.

      Except that Biolase sells a hardware technology, not a subscription service. Drill = Stone Age dial-up, Laser = Broadband cable modem

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