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  • oldboldpilot2003 oldboldpilot2003 May 18, 2005 10:30 AM Flag

    OT Filibuster

    It probably is not surprise to some of you that I'm confused. And I'm asking for help. My question is, as i watch the debate in the senate, are they arguing about two different things? As I understand it, Republicans don't want to do away with the fillibuster. They want to preserve the function where any senator can use extended debate. What they are objecting to is the new rule passed in the last congress, where instead of a 51% majority to approve a judicial candidate, it now takes 60%.

    Is this correct or do I need more coffee this morning?

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    • Sorry outlandish, The question asked you to cite an example where she ruled contrary to the constitution.

      In your first case a lower appeals court rejected an obviously over the top jury verdict. Then the ENTIRE Texas Supreme COurt refused to hear the case. The fact that Enron made a legal contribution to her re-election fund is immaterial and I think you know it.

      The second case Owen "authored the opinion for a unanimous court." This of course means that all 8 other justices, Democrat and Republican alike agreed with her. Again the fact that it made money for Enron and cost a school district money is irrelavent.

      You'll have to try harder. Why can't you name A SINGLE case where she ruled against the constitution? Perhaps there are none?

    • Stockpuker
      I havent posted since early this morning and I'm sorry I brought it up. I had asked a simple question and stated my understanding hoping for a single paragraph answer. Instead the hate squad dry gulched me. LOL

      shity. Hope everyone elses was better than mine. Off to Seattle early in the AM. See ya next Tuesday. Have a great weekend.

    • The puker is rackin' up recs, so this is my last reply.

      Regarding your family's views:

      I agree with your mother.

      Regarding Owen:

      Two notable past corporate-friendly cases ruled on by Owen involve very publicly known corporations � Halliburton and Enron � both of which had donated to Owen's judicial campaign. In the case of Sanchez v. Halliburton, a Halliburton field worker "won a $2.6 million verdict after the jury found that a company supervisor had framed him to test positive for cocaine." After an appeals court ruling overturned the verdict, Sanchez tried to bring the case to the Texas Supreme Court. In the months during which the case was before the Court, Halliburton made its only campaign donations to Texas Supreme Court justices that year, giving thousands of dollars to three justices: Priscilla Owen, Nathan Hect, and Alberto Gonzales. Result: the court declined to hear the case and the ruling overturning Sanchez's case stood. In Enron Corp. v. Spring Independent School District, Owen "authored the opinion for a unanimous court [decision] that � saved Enron $225,000 and resulted in lost revenue for the school district."

    • "She refuse to discuss politics with any of the kids,..."

      smarter person than many of us here P.

    • Guys I don't suppose you folks would consider reducing the decibel level of your filibuster here so that that the rest of us (who already know how the Senate should act) could move on with the business of pumping/dumping/slumping/humping BLTIE

    • outlandish, "call me out?" LOL

      I doubt you can name a single one of Ms Owens decisions on the Texas Supreme Court that where not strictly according to the constitution.

      Since neither of us actually know her and you obviously haven�t spent the time to actually read anything she has written, perhaps we should take the word of those that do.

      �The American Bar Association unanimously rated Justice Owen "Well Qualified," its highest possible rating. Justice Owen's nomination has the support of three former Democrat judges on the Texas Supreme Court and a bipartisan group of 15 past Presidents of the State Bar of Texas.�

    • outlandish suggests, "You know jack shit. Ask your parents and grandparents what they think and report back here."

      Sadly all of my grandparents died long ago, but I know what my Dqad's parents would have said. "GET THE GOD DAMN GOVERRNMENT OFF MY BACK!"

      My father thought Jimmy Hoffa was a "god," distrusted big business, but he voted for Ronald Reagan and want much less government.

      My mother is a Joe Liberman Democrat, but then by maternal grandfather fought on the losing (in Finland) communist side during the Russian revolution and spent two years in a POW camp, so we make allowances.

      She refuse to discuss politics with any of the kids, but I think she may have been the only member of our family that voted for Kerry, because she was VERY opposed to the war, especially when my son was sent there. She was opposed to the Winter War in 1938, World War II, Korea, Vietnam, and Desert Storm, to name but a few.

    • Put in astroturf, asshole.

      Then you won't miss nothin'.

    • "I'm for freedom. But that has nothing at all to do with government rules,..."

      your iq may be ok DD, but welcome to the club of the naive. hold on a moment, i'll move one seat over and make some room for you.

    • A perfect example of a mean-spirited loser, destined to become even more bitter as history turns against you.
      Time the reps kicked your ass and I personally think it's about time.

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