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  • ijfrankel ijfrankel Jul 21, 2005 3:19 PM Flag

    Selling picking up

    Looks like capitulation kicking in.

    Sad but the patience of investors is short.


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    • AP,

      zip your lip.

      That is my secret.



    • not what I'm talking about pucky...the first Bush admin. provided the media with illustrations of deep bunkers supposedly immune from bunker buster bombs...that aside though, the point is that the intelligence craft starting in the 1970s and continuing until quite recently assumed that most of what we needed to know could be gleaned from communications traffic...this is common knowledge among people who care to read about it...

    • Call him zip_jet.

      As you were.


    • You must be talking about specific posters on this board so "names" would certainly be in order to bolster your positon, which has thus-far drawn a grand total of two endorsements!

      But I don't think that's your style, if what you post can be called a "style".

    • You must somehow have missed, or purposely "overlooked," the Network TV viewing of the miles-long bunker system in the heart of downtown Bahgdad.
      Built by those wonderful people who brought you Auschwitz, as I remember.

    • Whatever he wrote, yours is a perfect answer. That makes 2 in under 24 hours, one for Shela, one for you. Post quality on the board is really picking up lately! Regards

    • If that remark came form anybody but the war hero who never went to war and the intellectual who never finished college and the idiot savant who only posts only the BLTIE board and the morally superior bigot who thinks moslems are hiding under his bed and the mafia controls BLTI I 'd be concerned.

    • nothing nonsensical about the point...the intelligence community started relying on satellite and communications intercepts during Carter and it progressed over the ensuing administrations and, I mean, ALL OF aren't going to sit there and argue that we had good intelligence on the ground during the first Gulf War are you? Now, THAT would be nonsense...

      Where, for example, are all those mile deep bunkers that Saddam was alleged to have before the first Gulf War...we've been in that country for several years now and no one has found them...if we can't find them while we occupy the country then how did we know they had them during the first Bush's war?

    • Robert, I never thought I would have to caution you, of all people, to read this stuff with tongue in cheek.

    • Much of what is publicly transpiring now with regard to the "Ambassador" and his supposedly "covert" wife who was safely enscounced in a standard desk job at Langley, is a holdover from the politics that plagued the CIA during and after the Clinton years.

      That's why there was a major overhaul-and why so many "prior" agents are now publicly banging away at those who sponsored their exits. Washinton is pure politics-from front to back and start to finish. Don't believe anything you read from anybody in Washington!

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