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  • bltiman bltiman Aug 9, 2005 5:13 PM Flag

    This was masterful

    This stock is under heavy manipulation. I used to think that the short interest was a good thing. After all, demand for 6,7,8 million share built right in! I ad a lengthy discussion/debate with the people at the motley fool hidden gems board about it, actually.
    But the level of dishonesty, manipulation on so many levels has amazed me to no end.

    Yesterday they knew, or guessed that news would come out, killed ths stock down to the prcise level where the inevitable buying spree would not be able to overcome overhead resistance. If we started at 6.10 and had that news, we would probly have gone into the 7's easy. But they kill it one day and then squash the rally.

    Never again buying a stock under a short attack. The news wasn't that bad, and IMO nothing at all could drive the stock upwards until they are ready to let it. Follow the money indeed.

    Can't wait til the money is done holding this one down.

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    • Tenbagger,

      You are a man of class. I agree with what you post and I hope you are correct in your assessment of this company's future.

      Best wishes to you!!

    • Frank,

      Thanks for the compliment.

      But....................I am not a UTES fan!!

      Actually my team is quite proficient at thumping their skulls in B-Ball (as well as OSU)!

    • Rich,

      I play golf. If I use a hickory stick driver and gutta percha balls and I have never heard of a 460 cc head with an I-rod shaft and a triple cover Nike golf ball, then I play happily with archaic equipment never knowing the difference, right? Now someone says, "doc, try this club and this ball!" The ball goes twice as far and the feel of hitting the ball with that club is "almost better than sex". The new equipment becomes a "must have"! The Waterlase is no different. When one "sees the light" and takes dental practice to a new level, the waterlase becomes a "must have". Most dentists don't know what they are missing.

      I miss quoted the old Greek saying, "a fish stinks (not rots) from its head." It just means that if you come to my office and you are mistreated, disrespected, and have a bad experience by my staff, then it is my fault for poor training, poor staff selection, or apathy. If mistakes are being made in the field or in HQ, it bleeds down from the top, and that is in any business. I will not hurt the company by being more specific. I am just saying I think some consistent "bungling" has occurred and someone has to take responsibiltiy. Someone nees to say "the buck stops here" and mean it. That is what real leadership is all about. I could, but will not give examples.

      Training with a surgical instrument is not like training for a new car, but since you mentioned it, I will expound. When you buy a car, I assume you already know how to drive so although your "new machine" is not totally familiar, you have driven before so it is not a new experience.

      I assume you got your training when you were sixteen along side an experienced driver for a few months and then it was probably a long time before you were comfortable and confident driving in big city traffic.

      The laser is safe in the hands of an experience user and especially the Waterlase. However it can cause irreversible damage if used incorrectly. So patient safety is an issue. Another issue is that an inexperienced user can damage the equipment which could certainly be prevented with sound training. A trunk fiber is over a $1,000, and a handpiece is about $600. They can both be burnt is seconds by an inexperience (poorly trained) user. If it is under warrantee then you pay for it as an investor in lost profits, and your client is now frustrated. I know, I get the emails about why tips burn, trunk fibers, how to do this and how to do that, blah, blah, blah. Some dentists acutally have their laser for months before they get training and unless things have changed, others never get training.

      I do not think this is the place to speak of other dentist's feelings toward Biolase. If Biolase cares to know I will tell them personally. You can email them and tell them lasercat sent you. They will know how to reach me from there. I have told them a few things and they seem most uninterested. You cannot help one that does not want your help, and other than my investment in Biolase, which may end Q4 05, I really have no reason, concern, or incentive to help them.

      I hope that helps you better understand, however, out of respect for the company with whom I have no grudge, I can not be "more specific."

    • <point: it's not porsche responsibility to make sure I know how to drive high performance car>

      It isn't BLTI's responsibility but because we are talking about an expensive new technology it is to the company's advantage that the implementation of the tool meets both patients' and dentists' expectations. This drives the need for training. If these expectations are not met the market will not expand beyond early adopters.

    • "In any case, you do have to prove you know how to drive before you get your license, at least the rudiments."

      No, you don't have to prove you know or have the skill to drive before you get a licence.

      In my state it's obvious that you have to be almost blind and get 5 questions out of 20 right on the exam. It's a requirement that once they issue you a drivers license that you drive in the passing lane at 10 mph slower than the speed limit. You are permitted to get over to the right if you are going to make a left turn however.

    • I recall ferrari used to make sure you were qualified before they sold you one, i don't know about porsche. In any case, you do have to prove you know how to drive before you get your license, at least the rudiments.

      Where you get your training isn't the point, the point is you get it, even if you're self trained. But i wouldn't want to be the guinea pig sitting in the dentist's chair the first time he's ever picked up the business end of the laser, and he's coming at me.


    • point: it's not porsche responsibility to make sure I know how to drive high performance car.

      dentists should not hold biolase responsible for not knowing how to use the best tools there are. are dentists that _______(no kind word to put there) to think that it's the company responsibility to not only make the state of art tools are there but not sell to them until they know how it works? I am reading that right that he want company to make sure they get trained before they ship one?
      his sentence"The training one recieves is highly variable and Biolase does not insist on any structured training prior to purchase and delivery of their laser to a dentist"
      means that biolase should be insisting that they train prior to buy best equipment for their patient? not after? I must not underrstand training of American dentist much. also I think the other questions are fair, open honest talk about problems lead to growth, in longer term.

      thank you for reading my garble,

    • "I don't understand the training thing, I don't get training before I take my new car home. Why train before, if I don't know how driving works I I take a lesson when I get my car, right?"

      Rich, before 'Cat answers why don't you think a bit about you wrote. In terms of application to the patient and potential damage to the tool.


    • sorry, long post that's why I don't post here much, ESL and if I took time for grammer and spelling that would have been a half hour post for me.

      Thank you for your answers, in advance

    • Thank you, Dr

      I ask if the waterlase is "must have" in your words, why would it not be a must have item? For the hole profession that is.

      Also as a open honest poster in the past, I don't think it's hurting the company to say open, honest things about what you hear, right? I thought you were the one saying thing about rotting fish earlier but not wanting to hurt the company now, by answering specific questions, seems other direction maybe.

      Maybe the management and other invstors would like to see the problems, we see many "yes man" types. I would think you would be very much open about the dealings and what you hear from other dentists, so they could improve. Is that not why you post here? I dont want to start an argument or anything. Open and honesty never hurts in the long run, though. That's my opinion. So can you please be more specific, as to I don't understand the training thing, I don't get training before I take my new car home. Why train before, if I don't know how driving works I I take a lesson when I get my car, right?

      What do other dentists say about how biolase treats dentists? I heard good things before from my friend who knows dental field, he's a dental tech (?) that carves dentires and bridge, he says everyone likes biolase they are a good company, no you say no? Im confused and would like help, from you if possible.

      thanks again, respectfuly

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