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  • troper050352 troper050352 Sep 8, 2005 8:44 PM Flag

    Back to the main, pt dieux

    mississippi...The NOLA fiasco was caused by broken levees and the neglect leading to that is on the heads of both political parties...however, the failure of DHS to make sure the money it spent on communications equipment across the country went to real improvements in interoperable communications and redundancy in communication networks falls on the doorstep of the current administration...the failure of FEMA resulting from its own neglect in the frenzied fear of terrorism by the DHS is a problem administered by this Presidency...ineptitude falls across the political spectrum on the Katrina response, but the failure of the current administration to recognize that large-scale natural disasters are more likely to happen than large-scale terrorist attacks falls clearly on George W. Bush...if you don't see that you are just stone cold blind...

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    • Good to hear your impartial views on Bush and his culpability for the storm, and the thousands of people who "refused" to leave because they have been conditioned over the years to believe that the "gomment" will take care of their every need. The democractic platform, as it were.
      You are full of shit as per usual.
      By the way, have you seen the photos of the thousands of N. O. school buses UNDERWATER AND ABANDONED? They should have been used to evacuate the last remaining locals, and under local government planning-but were not?
      Welcome to the real world.

    • I think that large-scale terrorist attacks may not be more likely, however our preparedness and ability to prevent them (you can't prevent a natural disaster) needed beefing up... our natural disaster preparedness is and has been adequate.

      So long as people follow the plan. Why they didn't bus people out of the city prior to the hurricane hitting is unknown to me... but I do know that there was an official policy communicated to the people from the state & local democratic government that if a disaster struck, the citizens are on their own. This was their disaster preparedness plan?

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