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  • lookingforatenbagger_ot lookingforatenbagger_ot Sep 10, 2005 1:03 PM Flag

    Back to the main, pt dieux

    geminisjt writes, "...I realized that America is now a laughing stock around the world. The fact that we didn't sign Kyoto, the fact that Fidel is offering to send assistance, the fact that America looks pathetic and people at the same time feel sorry for us AND couldn't be convinced to send a single euro or pence to the wealthiest nation on earth. America is now a laughing stock."

    If you really believe this I feel very sorry for you for two reasons. First, the fact that you don't understand the power of the United States and the fear and awe that it engenders world wide. Give any immigrant the choice between France, Ireland or pretty much any other country in the world and where do you think he will come? Why is that?

    Second, you fail to understand the nature of laughter. It is funny when a man in a thousand dollar suit falls into a mud puddle. It's sad when the same thing happens to a pregnant, homeless, crack whore. Being powerful creates envy and envy creates laughter when the powerful fail to be perfect.

    At the same time the UN castigates the US because we don't buy condoms for Uganda. Go figure.

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