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  • spinoffdude spinoffdude Jun 7, 2010 5:56 PM Flag

    Private message to haveseen...


    Hey old friend,
    I know how you love to stalk me all around the internet and to post faux messages with names close to mine (and others too!) on stocks you suspect I own. And also to post your fake trades in those same stocks. (No one was fooled btw)
    So just to let you know, before I left for Europe I put tight stops on all my holdings and I've now been stopped out of all of them - except WAC (just a few 100 shares there). I have no more stocks. I'm 85% cash now. What's left are my "black swan" calls and puts (some of which are doing fabulous btw).
    So I hate to ruin all your fun and all that. I know how you love to get up in the morning and try to "get" me. It's over. So sorry. Perhaps we can still be friends?
    My wife says many thanks. Remember, we're in Europe because we did the opposite of you on WAC. She's loving it (and me).

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