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  • nobleselect nobleselect Mar 3, 2011 9:43 AM Flag

    This is phenomenal news

    " We are assessing a number of strategic alternatives for our valuable ophthalmology technology and plan to pursue, in the near future, FDA approval for clinical trials for a treatment for presbyopia. In addition to ophthalmology, we have several other major medical applications in dermatology, cosmetic surgery, orthopedics, urology and ENT that we plan to commercialize or license in the near future."

    Biolase is looking into transitioning of being a provider of medical lasers. The potential approval for Presbyopia has huge potential and can even go global.

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    • Well written and absolutely true.
      Biolase is struggling to make the dental products division profitable as dentists are backpedaling through the recession.
      Expensive new technology replacing old only sells when it is financially viable. High speed drills work fine and biolase products do not increase production enough to justify the expense.
      Creating new diverse and untested product platforms in time of financial stress is a high risk gamble.
      Shareholder value is now based on emotional hope rather than financial stability.
      Look for big swings in the pps as optimistic pr is followed by disappointing results.

    • Phillip10 is basically right. Presbyopia is a huge potential opportunity. However to move from ideas and patents to an FDA approved product with approved indications for this use and to establish the safety and effiacy of the procedure for both surgeons and patients will take 4-5 years and $40-$50 million of development expense. There is no way that Biolase can fund this development themselves so if it get developed they will have to find a partner with the resources and willingness to take the risk. Very tough in these times to find either a VC or corporate partner willing to do that. So if these patents ever result in revenues to Biolase it will be in the form of a modest royalty and it will be years away. The near term value opportunity for BLTI remain dependent on their ability to grow their core dental business. I am an optimist but time will tell.

    • yes, it does change over time. The real fix is some way of re-introducing flexibility to the lens. Apparently, not an easy task. Whoever invents the fix will be richer than God.

    • Isn't the loss of the ability to focus long and near a function of age as the elasticity of the crystalline structure of the eye's lens is lost over time?

      If you correct it won't you have to have it done again a few years later as the lens continues to stiffen with age?

    • Having Lasik to make your eyes monovision is not a cure for presbyopia. I have contact lenses that do just that. Problem is, my long distance vision suffers when you make one eye for close up focusing. A real cure for Presbyopis would be a way to make the eye be able to focus long distance and near, like when you were young.

    • Good News!

      Biolase paid off a big chunk of debt by issuing and selling common shares thereby diluting shareholder value.
      Buyers just bounced back from the sucker punch when the company becomes a PR machine promising future profits.

      The only thing positive about this company today are Kool Aid drinking dreamers plowing money into false hopes.

      Next weeks conference call should resemble a faith healing revival meeting with dancing and singing in the isle as pockets are emptied by unscrupulous con men.

      Management is desperately looking for a quick fix to shrinking revenues and negative earnings.

    • I agree. I got highly motivated after 6 years of just watching when it hit the $1.48 mark..

      I'm doing just fine thank you..

      Some around here had a strong sell at that

    • Past history gives insight to the future.
      Unsubstantiated press releases and pie in the sky predictions are as useful as a crystal ball.
      2010 earnings were completed only two months ago and Biolase revenues are dismal compared to the last three years.
      Biolase stock has been driven by emotional buying and hopeful daydreamers.
      The bottom line is revenue less expenditures and Biolase had better stop digging and start climbing out of the hole.
      Every day you can look at the companies with biggest gains and losses and a big share are the product of FDA approval or lack of.
      Even getting approval is not going to guarantee product acceptance if someone builds a better mouse trap.

    • I should add this is from the Lasik web site. The point is these are examples of current presbyopia treatments.


    • One of the first effective surgical options for presbyopia correction involved producing what is known as "monovision" . But other surgical procedures such as conductive keratoplasty or CK (see below) also have been approved by the FDA, which gives eye surgeons additional options for correcting this common vision problem.

      Several other experimental devices and procedures also are under investigation, but not yet FDA-approved.


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