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  • retiredtechie retiredtechie Jun 6, 2012 12:54 PM Flag

    RT: I'm Very Positive On BIOL- Strong Long Term Buy

    If you hold BIOL for the next 12 to 36 months, you are going to make some very nice money from current share pricing levels. I see this stock as being extremely attractive going forward. I anticipate at least a 2 or 3 bagger. Higher revenue and much better bottom line earnings will set the pace here for much higher share values into 2013 and beyond. I'm loading the truck and trailer from these current very low share values. Due your own due diligence and decision making before you leap.

    Cheers and good investing,

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    • until i see mgt buy signficant stock which has not occurred in a year I will not believe any thing these clowns say or do period. Freddies option exercise is a joke as it does not add to his position at ALL. The CFO refuses to buy stock at all too. Nothing this mgt does is credible.

    • RT is back. Can you tell us why the long term outlok for Biolase is better now than it was last year when you sold out after pumping the stock "long term?"

      Is it those buys freddie has made now tha the stock is off 60% from his last open market purchase?

      Perhaps it is their need to give a bank a sweet heart deal to get them to lend them operating capital after they burned through the money Freddie brought in selling shares?

      Could it be Biolase's inability to boost sales volume to the level pre Shein after a year and a half?

      Maybe we should listen to a expert at predicting turn arounds like RT who has spent a year pumping CAMBRIDGE HEART which is now selling for $0.07 a share?

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      • Lookingforatenbagger:

        Please know that I sold BIOL last year at a share price significantly higher than where it is today. I captured a very large profit in the process. The timing of that sale was right on the money given its share price reversal of the past number of months. I'm simply back into BIOL due to the fact the share price has once again become highly attractive to me relative to forward potential. Contrary to your line of thinking, I happen to admire CEO Frederico Pignatelli and his ability to move BIOL forward. My new position includes 12,000 shares at a cost basis of $2.17/share. Regardless of your own feelings about BIOL, I see a very good opportunity ahead to tie down another multi-bagger over the next 12 to 36 months. You can have fun watching me as I make serious money with BIOL through that period.

        As for CAMH, that stock is my ultra, ultra speculative play. Never mind the current share price of $.07 cents/share. My cost basis is very good - - - $.1922 cents/share on 400,000 shares. I view it as a potential very serious money maker given what I expect will be a change from negative to positive dynamics during the second half of fiscal year 2012. Keep in mind the company will not need to get to breakeven to do vastly better share price wise. Perception of better operating fundamentals in the time frame mentioned will alone enhance the share price. I'm projecting a share value of $.50 cents/share by the time the Q3/2012 report is made public. Again, you can watch from the sidelines while I make money with CAMH in the latter part of this year.

        Are you done tossing cold water over me? This will be my last response to you.

        Cheers and good investing,

      • If you are in attendance of their laser conference which it appears you are not you would stop your rehash of obvious. This is not the same laser company that delivered products that disappointed dentists last prd cycle that cause all the problems. Dentists take much longer to adopt new technologies than most, but the iPlus this time around is meeting or exceeding all of them. That is the take away from the show in my view. Dentists are no longer resistant to the performance of the product as its is delivering what they expected and then some. Thus sales adoption rates are just BEGINNING to accelerate. Its no longer a question of whether i will buy a laser its a matter of when. Go the the symposium ask around yourself and you will see...and thats a HUGE change versus a year ago where dentists did not believe what the product can do....the accelerating adoption of soft tissue lasers has started the ball rolling and now dentists are no longer resistant to adoption. Also the different procedures is greatly helping too. See you at the show....

    • that’s fairly optimistic but historically I will have so say you are wrong.

      when 80-90% of core sales come from your existing user base in the form of upgrades sold at a discount with a trade in for an older machine you are not really achieving any market penetration.

      so the 10-20% is new users of biol lasers but they probably lose the same 10-20% of users from unsatisfied over promised clients who either hide it in a closet and don’t use it or try to sell it.

      2011 numbers were only the result of the established users upgrading their older equipment. You can talk about installed base numbers all you want but how many of those lasers actually get used? bad service, expensive maintenance, unrealistic promises of performance all lead to lost users. users who probably aren’t interested in an upgrade. burn me twice shame on me.

      let’s look at past performance pre-schein numbers were great after the launch of the waterlase md in 2004/2005. While I realize that some minor upgrades such as gold hand piece and turbo upgrade were introduced to the md, you did not see a new flagship laser launched until the iplus in 2011.

      compare the revenues from 2004-2010 when no new core product was introduced. Looks like the stock price also followed the downward trend. the installed client base already had the top of the line biol laser so sales dipped. At one point service and consumables surpassed sales of lasers!

      unless biol can come out with a brand new flagship laser every 2-3 years and convince most of its current users to upgrade to the newest widget I’d be willing to bet 2011or 2012 will be a highpoint and we will see the revenues trickle down just like they did after the waterlase md was a couple years old.

      Current management was the benefactor of a new product launch in 2011 with majority of the sales coming from existing users.

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