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  • nomottos nomottos Feb 7, 2013 12:33 PM Flag

    Just because I have seen no post.

    Motley put up a video blurb. Their biotech analyst, believes its a stock he needs to look at now.

    Why can't a board be relative and a decent exchange of info. Idiots must collect pennies to tout
    their useless pus. Slammers who traded unwisely or spammers who just like to post, to pump
    their egos or attempt to spoil the fun. I am certainly going to ignore a stock that someone's brother-in-law eye surgeon, laughed at. Critical post. LMAO
    By the way, I have had a root canal, with the iPlus. It was painless and fast. Novacaine,etc makes me ill. Though I love Nitrous, it's not enough for a root canal.

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    • Really? You had a root canal without any pain-numbing medication. When enough enamel was removed to touch the actual nerve how many feet off the dentist chair did you levitate? A medical first - the only time that a root canal ever performed without medication that was painless. Pathetic! How old are you, by the way? It sounds like a statement a teenager would make.

    • I'd love to discuss the merits of Biolase. The iPlus is a decent enough product, the problem is that it cost to much and the company is trying to service the ENTIRE country from a single office of the west coast. Does that sound like a good idea to anyone? Yet Freddie has insisted on it for a decade.

      Is the iPlus significantly better than the MD or the original laser? It can't be mush better since they are based on the same principal and the same basic patent.

      Sentiment: Strong Sell

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      • Is that a quality control issue? I'll hear more on it, but I know engineers that fly all over the world to service specialized industry equipment, so I'm not inclined to fret over that, though there could be a possible value adding network built to install, and service equipment down the road.

        A good business plan would include servicing as part of it's revenue stream. At that point do you use outside contractors, or satelite offices, or strategically placed field techs? I see it as something that has multiple solutions more than an obstacle to growth. Demand for service because the expansion of market share in recently opened fields is a good problem for a growing equipment innovator / producer to have.

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