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  • nomottos nomottos Feb 9, 2013 10:32 AM Flag

    mantoreason who does no DD

    Go to BIOL website. " Be amazed by Waterlase " Click on "Watch Now "
    Listen to a new owner, Dr. Martin Marshall, describe his initial experience with the Waterlase iPlus.
    I am no teenager, but your a imbecile.
    Next, you will say Biolase bribed him to appear in a video, describing his incredible experience with
    the new iPlus.

    Oxycodone one hr before root canal. Did not even make me feel uncomfortable. Though I will admit that I have a higher tolerance to pain, than most people.
    These idiots will not let me ignore this board. You have to defend your posts, constantly.

    My initial investment in MEDX, at $1.75 / sh, sold on a stop order at $186.00, give or take a buck.
    BRKS, initial investment at $15.-$16. Sold on a stop lost at $50.00, give or take a buck, after a 2 for 1 split. Held thru initial run to $55. Patience paid off, doubled my profit.
    They are the last 2 stocks I reccomended to fellow investors on a MB.. Some listened to me. Some got so excited they did not listen to me as they took off and sold too early. The rest, wanted my address, to send me a thank you. Until BIOL, my last posts on a MB were relative to MEDX.
    Many, many, moons ago. Course I have been burnt. Very few though.

    Cretins like this fool, who hover around message boards, drove me away. Again, I am bragging, but like I said, I have to defend myself. Yes, some of my posts seem nonsensical, I will not deny that.
    I had to respond to this fool, because he suggested that I am a liar.

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    • Well, well, now it turns out that you had an injection of Oxycodone approximately one hour before root canal. Not the same as your previous statement of having a root canal done without medication. One would have to have the naivety of a teenager to think that people would believe you could have a root canal that reaches down to the nerve of a tooth without pain numbing medication. By your own words, you have proved yourself to be a liar. If you are a compulsive liar it won't be long before you post some more lies. I know, you can't help yourself.

      PS Calling me a fool only maintains your string of lies.

    • They have nothing else to do but we doubled our investment in biol. in ONE WEEK." sweet" No need to justify yourself .And it will only get better.

      Sentiment: Hold

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