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  • robertbr2320 robertbr2320 Feb 14, 2013 1:51 PM Flag

    Bought some shares again

    I should have mentioned it sooner I guess. I figure this is a good a time as ever seeing as Biolase has been down the past few days.

    I did buy a sort of significant number of shares back on the 1-07-13. Not so many as to make me rich if the stock hits 6 bucks or so. But enough to make me happy.

    Unlike Bagger, I do like Frederico and feel the odds are that he will move this company forward long term. The guy just has a history of success when he puts his mind to his past endeavors.

    I understand that Bagger points out that in the past Freddy took over as CEO for short periods and mistakes where made in spite of it. But that's like mixing apples to oranges again. Big difference when Freddy or anyone turns their focus 100% toward any issue compared to spliting their time between Biolase and his endevores and problems in N.Y. at the same time. He had to much going all at once in my view.

    Also. I noticed some posters resort to name calling again. (As if that somehow is going to help them?)
    All that does is bore many of us. I know Mississippi and the guy is simply pointing out his own veiw about BIOL and I don't see that as a bad thing. It's always a good thing to look over ones shoulder a little bit when investing. He can't steal money out of anyones pocket simply because he

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