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  • singhlion2001 singhlion2001 Feb 24, 2013 11:24 PM Flag

    WHY NO ONE MENTIONS COMPETITION HERE?Alta Modular Laser System Wins 2013 iF Product Design Award

    In the News

    Leading the way in light-based medical and dental technology, Alta® MLS is often the focus of attention in the news and other media.To view Alta® MLS’ corporate news, please visit the Dental Photonics News page.
    Dental Products Capture GOOD DESIGN Awards
    Dental Compare, Thursday, January 10, 2013
    Medical Marvels
    RT America, Technology Update, December 28, 2012 Broadcast
    The Next Generation of Soft Tissue Lasers with Alta® MLS and TOP® Surgery
    Lightwaves, the Official Newsletter of the Academy of Laser Dentistry - December 2012 Issue
    Alta Modular Laser System Wins 2013 iF Product Design Award
    Dental Compare News Release, Wednesday, December 19, 2012
    News Release
    Dental Compare Newsletter September 2012
    Dental Photonics launches Alta® MLS online store.
    DentalFax® Weekly August 27-31, 2012
    News Release
    Dental Compare Online New Product Feature July 2012
    News Release
    Dentistry Today June 2012 page 22
    New Laser System from Alta
    Implant Tribune June 2012 page 9
    News Release
    Dental Product Report June 2012 page 20
    Dental Photonics Launches New Alta® MLS Product
    Dental Compare Online News April 3, 2012
    Dental Photonics, Inc. Commercialized the Alta® Modular Laser System.
    DentalFax® Weekly April 2-6, 2012

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    • Check out Alta® MLS Laser videos and see for yourself ....BIOL in trouble

    • Picasso Lite Dental Diode Laser from AMD LASERS

      The Picasso Lite Dental Diode Laser is designed for the first-time laser dentist and hygienist. Featuring a compact, lightweight and sleek design, the Picasso Lite comes complete with laser certification options, multiple accessories, world power adapter and the ability to utilize convenient disposable tips or low cost strippable fiber

    • New Dental Product: i-CAT FLX Cone Beam System from Imaging Sciences International

      Thursday, February 21, 2013

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      Designed to make cone beam 3D imaging easier for clinicians with reduced radiation exposure for patients, the i-CAT FLX from Imaging Sciences International features case planning tools for implants, restorations, oral and maxillofacial surgery, orthodontics, TMD and airway disorders.

      The new system was designed to be easy to use while delivering clear 3D images and decreasing patient radiation exposure, according to a press release. Those features include the QuickScan+ setting that captures a full definition 3D scan with less radiation than a panoramic image, SmartScan STUDIO with a touchscreen interface designed to provide more control for clinicians, and the i-Collimator that adjusts the field of view to limit radiation to just the scan areas.

      The i-CAT FLX cone beam system works with ISI’s Tx STUDIO software for digital treatment planning. The system is capable of capturing 2D panoramic radiographs as well as 3D imaging.

    • John Graeber, DMD, PA
      East Hanover, NJ
      My initial impression is that this system is the next generation of Diode laser. Faster ablation, side firing, and automatically corrects for the optimum power setting. It seems like we have moved from Standard to “Automatic Emission” in a diode laser. It should be a lot easier to achieve optimum results with a much shorter learning curve.

    • The Technology Committee will be featuring technology updates from laser companies. This is one submission from Dental Photonics, the manufacturer of the ALTA modular dental laser system.

      The Next Generation of Soft Tissue Lasers with Alta® MLS and TOP® Surgery
      by Dental Photonics, Inc. (Walpole, MA)

      What is TOP® Surgery?
      The soft tissue surgical instruments available today represent hundreds of years of evolution. However, despite the great progress made, these instruments still fail to address the entire spectrum of clinical needs of a modern dental practice.
      TOP® (Thermo-Optically Powered) Surgery is a novel technology and an accompanying surgical technique that was born with the following objectives in mind:
      Cut soft tissue like a scalpel, i.e. with tactile feedback, quickly, without snag or drag, but with good hemostasis and wound sealing.
      Precisely control thermal collateral damage of soft tissues.
      Minimize the possibility of overheating sensitive structures, such as teeth and dental implants.
      Avoid technique-related operative and patient post-operative discomfort.
      How Does TOP® Surgery Work?
      TOP® Surgery technology is all about optimizing photo-thermal laser-tissue interaction. It consists of the following four components:
      TOP® Tip: A specially prepared tip that consistently converts laser power into thermo-optical power in the 1,400 - 11,000 nm range. These wavelengths have tissue effects similar to those of a CO2 laser, known for its excellent soft tissue cutting and coagulation capabilities.
      SureStepTM Tip Initiation: A proprietary, computer controlled tip initiation process that can be performed in just seconds to produce a high-fidelity TOP® Tip. Unlike existing diode tip initiation, SureStepTM Initiation is reproducible and durable, resulting in less snagging, tissue overheating and time-consuming re-initiation.
      Automatic Power Control (APCTM): Like cruise control on a car, APC™ continuously monitors and adjusts the laser power to maintain the user-defined temperature at the TOP® Tip independent of the speed of movement through the tissue, or the type and consistency of the tissue. This feature significantly increases the consistency of the depth of cut while minimizing collateral thermal damage. The learning curve for a novice is thereby significantly reduced.
      AutoStopTM: An optional safety measure, AutoStop™ is an intelligent sensing mechanism that automatically shuts off the laser to avoid tissue overheating if an abrupt stop is detected.
      Where is TOP® Surgery Available?

      TOP® Surgery was first unveiled in March 2012 at the ALD Annual Session in Scottsdale, AZ. At present, the only device cleared by the U.S. FDA to market TOP® Surgery is the Alta® Modular Laser System (MLS) by Dental Photonics, Inc.

      For additional information, includi

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