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  • wonder_dink wonder_dink Mar 2, 2013 4:25 AM Flag

    keep on bashing BIOL

    Pignatelli is no fool. The future of the dental industry is laser technology. A little word of advice, Pignatelli is not only targeting the dental industry with their great technology, he is opening it up to the medical world. Stick around, because you just might make some serious cash here!

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    • Check SIRONA TRANSCRIPT at seekingalpha
      It’s clinically proven for over 20 years there are many, many studies out there that show and support the unsurprised reliability and also precision and the durability of that kind of restoration. And it’s very attractive and that's the biggest part of the CAD/CAM markets. We offer lab systems and as I mentioned earlier we believe that we have more than 50% market share in the systems at our place and dental lab you know around the world. We have a wide range of material that is used and can be used by the dental lab.

      We also have a centralized facility service supporting the lab and we continuously launch new products like we did for example in 2010 with the new product extra-oral inEos scanner that is used in the laboratory.

      All of our systems have software attached you know last year and the year before we launched a totally new software platform for the (inaudible) the 4.0 software you might have heard about that which is very attractive. Its very easy to use for the end user and also gave us a lot of benefits because we now have a platform where its much easier to add new applications to which we actually did over the last years like in the CEREC system you can not only do a single tooth restoration, you can get a drilling guides, you can get customized department, you can do smaller bridges, you can do veneers so many things that we've added to the system over the last year.

      I already mentioned Sirona connects the combination of a software platform of labs and dentists, so they can get together here. We also offer them as standalone digital impression unit but what was experienced is that most of the people that look at the proposition want to go for the full process because that gives them most of the benefit.

      We can also combine our leading edge technologies and the next slide shows you an example for that, how we can combine the CAD/CAM, the CEREC technology with the imaging or X-ray technology that we have in the market. So 3D is a very interesting proposition for those who do implants and how does that work.

      You take a picture with a 3D imaging unit that takes all level data information, they also take pictures with a CEREC camera that takes surface information and so those information are combined. Our X-ray system have a software attached with which you can plan the implant, how it is positioned, you can send us that information and we would manufacture a drilling guide for you. So that drilling guide would go on the tools and would determine the position and the depth of the drill for the implant.

      At the same time with the CEREC system, we can plan already at the start of the process not only the position of the implant also the ideal position of the abutment on top of the implant and then on top of that the final restoration. That's very convenient. It’s a very guided well-documented process which is important particularly for general practitioners and more of them want to go to add additional procedures to their dental office including implantology procedures.

      We are the only ones who can do that because we are the only ones who have both technologies and can combine those technologies and that's a very interesting feature, just one example of how to combine our product. Then we also as you know have the second largest segment is our imaging segment. Here there is the continuous trend towards digitization having a digital image unit.

      We have a six year CAGR of 17% in that category, revenues of $344 million last year and we offer a wide range of product in that category. It starts with the intra-all imaging product which takes the picture of one tooth or two teeth. You put the recipient technology in our cases, sensor into the mouth; generator goes to your cheek and you probably all experience that because most of the dental offices around the world have at least central imaging units and that is a two dimensional picture. We also offer larger equipment which is called extra oral imaging under the brand name Orthophos Galileos and they take a picture. You stand in them, they will take around your head and take a picture of the full (inaudible) even the full skull, this system is important for many procedures to see more than just one tooth to see the situation in your mouth.

    • Can you name a company which makes more on Lasers ????

      Let us test your DD?

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