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  • weightbayou weightbayou Oct 5, 2013 1:30 PM Flag

    Mississippi, get your teeth whitened before Christmas


    Unique 940 Wavelength
    Developed exclusively for dentistry by Biolase, the 940nm wavelength is better absorbed by hemoglobin and oxyhemoglobin. More...
    Unmatched Power & Portability
    The ezlase delivers power other portable diode lasers can’t match. Clinicians work with up to #$%$ of power. More...
    Unmatched Patient Comfort.
    an exclusive feature called ComfortPulse™ lets you significantly reduce the amount of time the laser is actually cutting, to avoid pain-inducing heat build-up. More...

    20-minute Whitening and
    Temporary Pain Relief
    ezlase is the only diode laser that offers 20-minute full-mouth whitening and is FDA cleared for temporary relief of minor pain. More...

    From Dr. Christina Do:
    I emailed our current patients about ezlase
    whitening, and within two days had set up
    20 consults. Since then, I have been
    doing whitening cases almost every day.
    Ezlase whitening takes significantly less
    chair time and my patients have less
    post treatment sensitivity when compared
    with other whitening system.

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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    • I directed another investor to "youtube" the iPlus he was amazed to see how fast the process was, and that there is no pain, and no anesthesia required. A lot of people don't know the future has already arrived, BIOL has built a better mousetrap, now someone just has to make the mice aware it exists. Look for more patient centered ad campaigns...FB and TWTR are the new media. By the way, anyone else watching for TWTR's IPO?

      What is “REAL LASER” Whitening all about?Why Choose the Biolase eZlase 940 Whitening System?•Unlike most other whitening systems which take around one hour, the eZlase laser whitening only takes 20 minutes to complete.
      •Typically, the laser brightens teeth 6 to 12 shades, and the process can be completed in one visit.
      •The laser provides a safe, effective and comfortable mean to whiten discolored teeth.
      •A rejuvenated smiles revitalizes your self-confidence and self-image.
      We are utilizing a TRUE LASER SYSTEM, not a gimmicky, harmful blue UV flashlight.

      Our office uses a Real Laser Diode at a frequency of 940nm and hydrogen peroxide concentration at the highest available on the market of 46%. These systems are quite costly and not originally purchased to whiten teeth at all. Our laser is the ONLY FDA APPROVED system to treat sensitivity and pain through “LLLT” or Low Level Laser Therapy . This LLLT can also treat TMD or Tempromandibular joint pain and other acute/chronic inflammatory processes of the neck and head including myofacial pain.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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