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  • i_gotta_have_more_cowbell i_gotta_have_more_cowbell Dec 4, 2013 10:16 AM Flag

    Own It!

    In other news I took profits on NFLX this morning (close enough to my 370 target), and picked up TWTR, in anticipation of a lift in it's future data rev since AAPL procured Topsy. So what does an investing guru like Cowbell think about BIOL? OWN IT! Don't think about it, don't trade it, don't poke, play, or stare at it, just own it.

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    • youve said all we need to know by calling yourself a "investing guru" in the 3rd person.

    • i_gotta_have_more_cowbell i_gotta_have_more_cowbell Dec 12, 2013 11:18 AM Flag

      Hey tenbagger, er I mean, jr5423, is this the kind of "claim of success" you were refereeing to? Twtr up 30% in a week from my recommendation, currently short at 52, before I going long again, it's documented in real time over there. I do stuff like this daily try to keep up, if you can. Oh, and I'm back to long on NFLX as of this morning. None of it matters except for the fact that I'm bullish BIOL as a long term investment, and if say it is so, then it must be true as evidence of a very long, very accurate, verifiable track record ;)

      P.S. Don't worry about my finances, I'm sitting on a cash surplus, some of which is earmarked for BIOL pending a reverse split.

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      • It's 5413, but no one here really expects that you can handle a simple number. Your bovine baloney rants about momentum stocks don't help your case with BIOL. You're over here now, not "over there" in fantasy land. Those momo plays are out of your league, but if you must play you will be crushed. Hey, I think I'll crow about how I've been out there riding the TSLA wave throughout 2013 and I"m also putting in an order for a Model S! Might I be telling the truth? The point is, it doesn't matter and I wouldn't expect anyone here to believe the story. Stick to BIOL. Your long, I'm not. BTW, the only thing splitting is the cash from your E-Trade cover those margin calls. For 2013 your position is undisputed.. Worst Stock Picker of the Year.

    • Team Cowbell + 10 pts, Team bashers - 10 pts
      That Cowbell sure screwed up last week going from bull to bear on NFLX, and long TWTR lol
      Remember my AAPL plug at $500 couple months ago when you scoffed? Yeah, it will be $600 soon. There's tons of recent trades with pinpoint accuracy, that I simply don't make public, bashers are so far out of their depth it's ridiculous. Investors need to OWN BIOL!

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      • Tinkerbell. I'm afraid the quality of your post belie your lack of understand. Yes, Apple is a good company. No, I din't sell mine at $500 or argue that anyone should. What does that have to do with Biolase? Please explain what will cause the stock price of BIOLASE will to rise. You aren't still pitching your disproved sales to price ratio are you?

        Sentiment: Hold

      • its been for sale & no one wants to own it. what is it 2 years now this has been on the occulase website? "Biolase is currently interested in exploring opportunities to form a joint venture or other forms of partnership in order to better commercialize laser technology in the field of Ophthalmology and Dermatology."

    • "Don't think about it...." - sure, have you gone through your life like that? Is that how you caught aids?

    • Own it? Just beautiful, more lousy advice from BIOL's favorite barnyard bull. However, some recognition is long overdue for 2013. Pleased to report that Meatballs has been officially nominated for Time magazines newest category, Worst Stock Picker of the Year.

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      • Oh please, you can't keep up with me on my worst day. BIOL is a totally fearless buy and hold investment. But I make plenty of calls ahead of events that are spot on in any one of my 20-30 investments, both short term and long term plays, and reveal strategies to capitalize on any direction, which takes the air out of any argument that I'm a permabull. How about today's action to sell NFLX, and buy TWTR? If only I announced that this morning; oh wait...I did lol You only wish you do what I do ;) Keep warming the bench captain buffoon, if you would have met me ten years ago you would have found your "tenbagger" many times over, instead of losing your butt, and being a perpetual bashing loser. Take notes, you might learn something about investing. Still very bullish AAPL too, though I traded both sides today for profit, but who's keeping score? Only you are dumb enough to pick a fight with a guy that clearly is above your weight class...sit down.

    • self proclaimed "guru" called biol a buy a few months back at $4, $5, $6. well played.

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