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  • doctorc_23 doctorc_23 Apr 19, 1999 1:06 PM Flag

    Why won't they sell me a laser?

    I am a practicing dentist and was very excited
    about the claims made by biolase concerning the
    millenium laser. So much so, that after the Chicago
    midwinter meeting in February I had actually decided to buy
    one, provided their claims were true.I tried to buy
    one using the 2 major dental supply companies; schein
    and patterson, neither could provide any information
    about the product. This was a serious concern.
    I directly contacted the company.I have spoken to
    three different represenatives, each was told I was
    ready to buy and please send information, still no
    Anyone out there have this thing? How is it and how were
    you able to get one?

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    • <>

      I found this online drugstore that is
      giving away three free products, like

      Gillette, etc - full sizes

      to get people to visit
      their site. Visit now before they don't have this

    • This is a toothbrush(not electric or electronic
      like sonicare), that emits a red light through the
      bristles. This light activates the patented
      toothpaste/bleaching gel. This is supposed to lighten your teeth over
      a short period of time(couple of weeks to a month).
      There are many advantages over dentist
      Less expensive, less tooth sensitivity, Easier to use,
      don't need to sleep with it in your mouth. The term
      LAZER is purposely spelled incorrectly because there is
      no laser involved with this product. I am a dentist
      and I have tried it. Results for me were less than
      fantastic, although some improvement was noted. Perhaps I
      will try again for a longer period. Dentists will not
      be happy about this product because it may take a
      souce of income away from them, namely in office/at
      home bleaching. However patients may like it and may
      buy these units. For patients who still do bleaching
      with dentists, this brush offers a nice way to keep
      the newly whiten teeth forever white.
      dentists recommend this...That remains to be seen. But
      with all the marketing going on people may buy it
      without consulting their DDS. Will this alienate dentists
      to BLTI, and effect sales of their Millenium
      laser(after all the laser is where it's at fot this company).
      In my humble opinion...NO! not if the laser is
      everything it purports to be. DDS's will buy the best laser
      available, the laser that is easiest to use, and the laser
      that has most applications to patient care. For now it
      seems to be the Millenium.
      Hold on we

    • FINALLY, to market, to market...

      If it's
      presented correctly, this should go over like gangbusters.
      Whether it really does a great job in whitening is
      neither here nor there. It's the public's perception.
      Let's hope the marketing is effective.

    • 500,000 units and currently selling for $100 per unit? Even with a 50% price reduction,... I can't believe it, I must have made a mistake, what do you guys think?


    • Tactica's comprehensive, strategic marketing
      campaign for the LazerSmile will be focusing on the most
      important retail distribution channels. Tactica will drive
      and supplement LazerSmile's retail sales with
      television infomercials, commercials, extensive print
      advertising, placement in numerous major direct mail catalogs
      and distribution through premier retail outlets
      including upscale department stores, drug store chains and
      eventually mass merchandisers. Tactica's first two minute
      commercial is scheduled to air in early July 1999 with the
      one half hour infomercial scheduled to air in the
      following weeks.

      Under CEO and founder, Avi Sivan
      and COO Prem Ramchandani, Tactica has become a leader
      in the direct response industry successfully
      launching numerous unique, innovative products. Tactica
      markets its personal care health and beauty products
      under the IGIA brand name and their new line of
      houseware products under the VIRELLA brand. Tactica's IGIA
      products, such as the IGIA Ultra, a radio-frequency hair
      removal system, and the IGIA Cellulift Massage system,
      have been successfully marketed through thousands of
      retail outlets. Tactica's retail marketing activities
      are extensively supported by an aggressive direct
      response television advertising (infomercials and shorter
      commercials) and aggressive print advertising

      Avi Sivan, CEO of Tactica, commented, ``Initial
      response from buyers for the LazerWhite in the retail
      market has been unusually strong. We believe this
      product offers unique advantages that other tooth brush
      systems have not been able offer consumers in the past.
      Tactica is also positioning LazerWhite to be marketed as
      part of our cosmetic line and the excitement from
      important players in the market is very encouraging.
      Several very important retailers including Federated
      Stores (NYSE: FD - news), May Department Stores (NYSE:
      MAY - news), Sears (NYSE: S - news) and JC Penney
      (NYSE: JCP - news) have already agreed to carry
      LazerSmile based on the extensive television and print
      campaign that is scheduled for roll out in the coming
      weeks and months.''

      Jeffrey W. Jones, President
      and CEO of BIOLASE, noted, ``We considered several
      companies seeking distribution rights for LazerSmile. After
      careful evaluation, we have concluded and are optimistic
      that Tactica's extensive experience and successful
      track record with image products will give us the
      market exposure that is necessary to achieve sales
      several magnitudes higher than using individual
      channels.'' Jones added, ``Tactica's excellent marketing
      materials and their professional, aggressive and
      comprehensive approach to selling consumer products are well
      suited to market the LazerSmile.''


    • BIOLASE Technology, Inc. Signs Major Worldwide
      Agreement For Its LazerSmile Tooth Whitening

      SAN CLEMENTE, Calif., June 15 /PRNewswire/ -- BIOLASE
      Technology, Inc. (Nasdaq: BLTI - news) announced today that
      it has signed a major distribution agreement for its
      LazerSmile(TM) Tooth Whitening system with Tactica
      International, Inc. The one year agreement required significant
      up front payments that will be applied to future
      royalties for sales of LazerSmile systems and a minimum
      annual quota of 500,000 units. Under the terms of the
      exclusive agreement, Tactica will immediately begin
      marketing LazerSmile as the IGIA LazerWhite Tooth Whitening
      System on a worldwide basis. Tactica will also take over
      responsibility for marketing channels where Biolase already has
      secured commitments to sell LazerSmile, including mass
      marketing catalogs Sharper Image, Self Care, Lifestyle
      Fascinations, Inc and Topix.




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    • somethings are going on. I like this stock and
      have had it quite awhile. Glad to see it finally
      making progress. However, I was suprised that the price
      did not go up substancially with the good "child
      dental" announcement. Hanging on for a go "99.

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