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  • luftleone luftleone Jun 16, 1999 1:44 PM Flag

    I came over

    to this board seeking some comfort and rest from
    the misery over at the plsia board and what do I
    find? Nothing but this spam crap. Fortunately, the
    epidemic is so bad that it will probably burn itself out

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    • luftleone,

      Those shit ads are extremely
      annoying to me since I demand a clean place for our
      discussion of one particular stock. The more ads come up
      here the less interesting Yahoo! boards become. Since
      at least 50% of the last couple postings were
      unrelated ads and I don't see the situation improve any
      time soon, I'm seriously considering switching to a
      different place to discuss stocks. I'd even be willing to
      pay a couple dollars. Everybody should send an email
      to and complain about
      the current situation.


      Another handle?

    • R&D with a vision to the future is good but for this stock holder I'd like to see some good old product sales and advertising to promote more sales.

    • start using lasers. Once
      That is a good sign for blti and plsia

    • Is it true that a patent runs out after something
      like 7 years allowing anyone to then copy it? If so,
      just how long does BLTI have before others might
      produce this product at perhaps a cheaper price?

    • Knumnuts has guaranteed us that the price of BLTI will be $7 or $8 by the end of August -- or he will go away forever. Not a bad deal either way.

    • a lease to own program?

    • BriteSmile Faces Widening Losses, Barron's

      Lester, Pennsylvania, June 27 (Bloomberg) --
      BriteSmile Inc., whose shares have risen this year from less
      than $1 to a recent $12, faces widening losses and
      stiff competition as the maker of a teeth-whitening
      system seems unable to back up marketing claims and
      won't disclose what chemicals are in its gel, Barron's
      reported. The Lester, Pennsylvania-based company, which
      said it plans to seek voluntary approval from the
      American Dental Association, expects to become profitable
      no earlier than its fiscal year ending March 2001 as
      it plans to give away its machines for free and
      split profits on whitening procedures done by dentists,
      as well as expand its company-owned centers from
      four. BriteSmile Chairman Anthony Pilaro said a dental
      center must do about 30 of the $500 procedures a day to
      be profitable; dental offices that offer
      teeth-whitening services do about 15 procedures a year, the paper

      On June 3, BriteSmile said Orthodontic
      Centers of America Inc., which provides orthodontic
      practice-management services, will offer BriteSmile's procedure
      through its offices.

      (Barron's 6/28 20;

      Jun/27/ 99 13:09

      For more stories
      from Bloomberg News, click here.

    • There are no planned insider sales(form 144) currently registered with the SEC for BLTI.

      Guess that shoots the idea of selling all of his shares in the next few months.

    • The volume is beginning to grow & those who sell
      will forfeit the great profits of the future in return
      for minor short term profits presently attainable.
      The dilemma formed by this sell action will be for
      those attempting to get back in at a lesser price then
      their sale price. It will become increasingly more
      difficult, if not impossible.
      Selling BLTI now could be,
      to say the least, "unwise".

    • A two year chart reveals a resistance line at $3. If Biolase swings through $3 without slowing down much, it will be a very bullish development.

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