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  • rhyno101 rhyno101 Sep 14, 2000 4:03 PM Flag

    So, Kanobys. I hate to ask, but are

    you still short on ROOM? From $29, if I recall correctly.

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    • Well, it looks like Monday will be an interesting
      day for ROOM.

      Yoda's prediction is that it
      will either go up or down, depending on the number of
      sellers vs. buyers. Of course, I could be

      I'll be on the sidelines this week...gotta go to
      Thailand 'till Friday.

      Tried to book my hotel in
      Bangkok through ROOM, but their price was the same as I
      found on the hotel's website. It appears that they only
      have good deals on a select few international
      loactaions right now. The rest seem to be the normal prices
      quoted to everyone.

      I'm holding my short in FS
      while I'm gone. The rest is in cash or long on ATT
      (boring, but it makes sleeping on the plane easier).

    • Yoda, first of you need to account for the
      difference in style, yours and mine, what ever they might

      Secondly, the other way to look at 2 3/4 points is to say
      that it went up by 7% on the day when NASDAQ was down
      70 points. It went up on high volume, FOR THE FIRST
      TIME. It broke its all time high. !!!!It broke it's
      trading pattern and THAT what made it worth looking

      Thirdly, I never said it became a COMPELLING short. I said
      IF it has another up day on Monday I'll

      What I'd be watching on Monday would be the volume and
      the points gained (if any). I might not short. If I
      do I'll let you know.

      Now you also need to
      look at the overall market. I have to find short
      opportunities, along with the long ones, somewhere.

      normally short run away crap like DSLN, CRDS, etc. Fuell
      Cells are interesting again but they have all the
      earmarks of genomics which makes them scary.

      NASDAQ is at 3800 we are in between the opportunities. I
      don't see compelling longs and I don't see screaming

      Give me another 100 points down, in NASDAQ, and I'll
      start nibbling some longs. Give me pre-holiday frenzy
      and I'll be shorting like mad. Did you see the sudden
      advance in B2Cs a week or so ago? Well none of them
      reached $5, otherwise I would have shorted and

      It's the dull state of the market that makes me look
      at things like ROOM.

      Now, should I short this
      one I'd be looking for scalping not for a strategic


      P.S. Last might I ate too much of chokolatte candies
      and I couldn't sleep. I am assuming that provoked my
      hostile mannerism and contrarian statements. I think I
      just wanted to spite somebody and you came handy.
      Sorry. Kinda.

    • Yeah, from $29 no less than 10,000 shares.

      How the hell could you possibly short 10,000 shares?
      How in the world can you possibly cover?

      would take the price up by $4-5 per share if you
      believe Level II.

      I've been shorting fuel cells.
      Covered all, made money in every single of my 5
      positions. I understand WHY I was shorting highly liquid,
      highly visible, highly hyped, highly unprofitable,
      theme-rally crap. I understand WHY it was "safe" to average

      I still don't understand why anyone wants to short
      ROOM. It doesn't matter what it is and how it's valued.
      It is simply an uncompeling short. It's also an
      uncompelling long.

      It's just a stock to


      P.S. Still no KREM shares for me.

      • 1 Reply to baldheadfredsMother
      • I missed the fuel cells, but I did make some
        money playing NITE both ways yesterday.

        mentioned FS last week, and it finally started to pay off

        momma's right about ROOM, it's best to avoid either long
        or short. However, it's become somewhat of a hobby
        for me lately. In all, I'm down about 10% in it, and
        I added to my short position yesterday. I still
        think it's headed for a big fall. If not, I can always
        use a good lesson :)

        An interesting (very)long
        position is CHIC. Should pay off nicely someday.

    • ROOM, you need to be patient, and be prepared to
      add to your position.

      ROOM is going to fall
      hard one of these days.

      Take a look at the
      chart- it's strating to slow the upward

      I hold a token short position in KREM (I'm in
      somewhere around 87). Once again, patience will payoff.
      KREM will fall hard once the selling begins. Right
      now, it's like a standoff between longs and shorts.
      Very interesting to watch.