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  • robertjones999 robertjones999 Jun 26, 2001 4:02 PM Flag

    yoda / life

    hey yoda, are you 150% short room, or what? what else do you do during the day man?

    look at ROOM, +1.6% today (better than a money market account)--it's all about supply & demand, baby.

    p.s. i'm one of the foolish technical traders who's posted on room since yesterday--in for a quick pop. don't blame us if we're wrong--we play odds, not absolutes (absolutes like shorting KKD at a 100 p/e LOL)!!

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    • I haven't laughed so hard in a long time. I for one am looking forward to tomorrow's trading***. ROOM should continue to do very well***.

      ***As long as Greenspan and the Fed don't throw the entire market into a tailspin.

      To all here - have a great night and I will see you tomorrow morning. Pleasant dreams to all of the shareholders and I hope the shorts can get some rest too... must be tough for all of you with ROOM setting new highs.

    • Ok Yoda, let's see the positives you outline for the future of ROOM's stock price:
      1. I, Robertjones999, traded a few hundred shares of the stock today (True).
      2. The Russell will--eventually--rebalance.
      3. Yoda lies and lies and lies, and believes everyone listening to him should believe what he says, though "YODA12000" WON'T BACK UP HIS OWN LIES. BECAUSE THEY'RE--LIES--!!!!!

      YOU'RE A LIAR, YODA12000!

      Prove your claims/lies:
      1. Johnnylew & robertjones999 are tagteam various stocks as stock hypsters, as you allege. If you find one instance of johnnylew & robertjones999 going back & forth as we did on ROOM today, I'll say "You won", you liar.

      2. Johnnylew & robertjones999's posts are similar in structure (a VERY OBVIOUS LIE--check our past posts, due diligence man).

      3. Johnnylew & robertjones999 misspell the same words (?) where did you see this? Perhaps you should fart so your head pops out into daylight!

      You are a bloody liar, and I'm going to make everyone know about it, fruitcake!

    • Sorry that I've upset you so much.

      That Russell thing has really got you thinking, huh?

      By the way, you still didn't tell us which trade was yours after hours? Was it the 100 shares, the 300 shares or the 200 shares? Or, did you lie and figure that no one would bother to check to see what traded after hours?

    • p.s. which words did johnny & I misspell? How about some proof, fruitcake?

      Also, Thanks for your UNDER 5 MINUTE RESPONSE TIME! Wow! I'm amazed!

      Finally, Have you SEEN Johnnylew's other posts? You can search for his past posts at the bottom of the page. Then, look @ my past posts--wow, how similar they look!

      Due diligence my as*

      You're short, scarred, and wrong; you should come to realize this (unless you tell me you have a definite stop-loss in place--in which case you can be wrong until stopped & that's "ok").


    • 1) Read the information yourself. I provided it in the last post I wrote. ROOM's market cap is $2.4 billion. The Russell 2000 index cutoff is approx. $1.5 billion. Is that so hard to understand? Here is the quote:

      "The largest company in the index had an approximate market capitalization of $1.5 billion."

      ROOM WILL be removed from the Russell. That's why all the churning an manipulation has been going on this wee. Sorry you're too blind to see that.

      2) I've posted good short and long positions on Yahoo for over two years. If you had followed my advice during that time, you would be up well over 1000%. I use only this name, and I do not lie. Too bad you aren't smaprt enough to do sufficient due diligence on this stock to understand what's going on here.

      3) Both screen names post on the same boards and spell the same words wrong. The diction and sentence structure are similar. Coincidence?

      Keep trying....

    • Anyone interested in what Yoda has to say might consider this:

      First, he maintains that ROOM will be dropped from the Russell 2000 small cap. index--yet the man has no proof as of yet. He makes his speculation sound like fact, yet it is merely his speculation.

      Second, Yoda apparently spends a substantial part of his day posting on the ROOM message board--so he'd be a stock hypester, except that he's trying to discourage people from investing in ROOM. Very suspicious, IMO.

      Third, Yoda Lies. Yoda plainly stated that I (robertjones999) and "johnnylew_98", with who I have no contact (and is not me), are the same people. Hey Yoda, get off your stock-knocking trip and get a life.

      p.s. to Yoda--call me a lemming, but I made 5% in the stock today. How much did you make?


    • more civil than zigzag and his aliases

    • at least they/he is more civil

    • in case you didn't notice, "johnny" and "robert" are the same person using two names.

      They post on the same boards all the time.

    • That's OK Johnny, I can wait for it to come to me. This is an obvious short play over the next few days. Even if it went up another 5 points before the big drop, its better not to chase it around. Just set a trap and wait for it to come to you. Emotion is blindly throwing money at the color green. Lets see where it is by Friday.

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