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  • yoda12000 yoda12000 Jun 26, 2001 10:02 PM Flag

    yoda / life

    1) Read the information yourself. I provided it in the last post I wrote. ROOM's market cap is $2.4 billion. The Russell 2000 index cutoff is approx. $1.5 billion. Is that so hard to understand? Here is the quote:

    "The largest company in the index had an approximate market capitalization of $1.5 billion."

    ROOM WILL be removed from the Russell. That's why all the churning an manipulation has been going on this wee. Sorry you're too blind to see that.

    2) I've posted good short and long positions on Yahoo for over two years. If you had followed my advice during that time, you would be up well over 1000%. I use only this name, and I do not lie. Too bad you aren't smaprt enough to do sufficient due diligence on this stock to understand what's going on here.

    3) Both screen names post on the same boards and spell the same words wrong. The diction and sentence structure are similar. Coincidence?

    Keep trying....