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  • yoda12000 yoda12000 Aug 6, 2001 2:21 PM Flag


    Isn't it a shame that you need to change screen names every few weeks because of your lack of credibility?

    Such a shame......

    Go to the bathroom and look in the mirror. Ask yourself if you are proud of who you are....

    Credibility, my friend.

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    • thelongestemailaddressknowntoman thelongestemailaddressknowntoman Sep 21, 2001 11:56 PM Flag

      ROOM will most certainly lose business, ALOT OF BUSINESS, but they have so much cash in reserve that they are in no danger any time soon, in fact they are in no danger for the next couple of years. People will start traveling again, and ROOM's cash register will start the familiar cha-ching it has heard so many times in the past.

    • Personally, I think it's a shame that ROOM's CEO hasn't had the balls to come out and admit that the company will suffer a signifigant slowdown as a result of the recent tragedy.

      I mean, there is simply no way that ROOM can escape this slowdown. Airlines are cutting 20% of flights, Boeing is cutting production by 20% (sign of a very long term problem in the travel industry), most hotel chains have already admitted to the massive slowdown, etc, etc....

      Look at Orlando. Heck, the Mayor was on tv today saying that this incident has been devastating to the area, and that it will remain that way for the forseeable future.

      ROOM didn't lose all that ground for nothing. The institutions dumped it because they know the party's over.

      *I'm no longer short ROOM. I covered on Monday when I posted the trades between 23-24.

    • I wouldn't know about Yoda's affinity for animals, but I do know that Priceline and Travelocity and Expedia were reported today that their travel bookings were at least half off - one said 70% lower.

      Wouldn't this be pretty ominous for a hotel reservation stock? I feel for them, but business is business. It seems like if you lower their earnings, then their PE comes down, you have a multiplier effect that takes the wind right out of the sails.

      Yodar, what do you think?


    • yoda is definitely a camel kisser

    • Yoda called it right about the price tanking, but wrong about it tanking further. No one could have known about the disaster and its effect, and associating him with mideasterners or with terrorists shows your lack of intelligence and judgment.

      The rest of you are the scum sucking bottom feeders that we have the displeasure to associate you with other stupid things. Please stick to the point - does it go up or down from here?


    • I may think yoda is from another planet, however it's unfair and shows great ignorance to associate him with terrorist.

    • yoda sounds like an Afganistani name. Does she
      work for Taliban or bin Ladin?

    • Yoda,

      You are the master.....covered today at 25.20 coz TD did not let me set lower limits online last week.

      Anyway, have learnt 2 major you have always said....patience and no greed...

      Thanks bro

    • Thanks, same goes for you.

    • Easy to speculate about what ROOM's future was going to be, now that this happened. Just because A stock is overvalued doesnt mean its going to fall or it's not a good investment. ROOM did nothing to warrant this fall. They will survive on cash assets for a while, and then it will be business as usual. Probably a good idea to go long now, as this stock will again trade at an inflated value. Good luck to all! Even you Yoda.

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