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  • daytraderwan daytraderwan Jan 14, 2013 3:36 PM Flag

    To the biggest #$%$ on this board, budicecream, loser long and cheering on a suicide:

    I my friend am up $40,000+ on my stated position in GEVO since $1.42.

    Why don't you take a few shots at me you pathetic piece of garbage!!

    The bottom line as many pointed out is YOU are very upset about something, probably either that you are DOWN HUGE in this stock or your name says it all; you're a fat a. ss beer drinking ice cream eating turd living in mamas basement!!!!!

    You are the loser and most on this board would rather see you commit suicide!!!!

    NO ONE would care!!

    Now go do it- make a noose and do it in mamas basement!!

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    • is this the best you got ?

      The topic is the Leedle GEEEV'er and it's inability to climb higher. Now we have people threatening to kill themselves if the stock does not reach $3 in 30 days ... and this makes me the nut case ???

      I beg to differ with your opinion about me ... I'm just fine, thank you for your concern though ...

      It's the real wing nutters (like you and other posters) on this message board who appear to have gone off their rockers and are in complete and total denial. If you're up $40,000 then you were up a $80,000 last week ... guess you are pretty #$%$ you lost $40,000 in just one week ... at what point will you threaten to hang yourself , when the Leeedle Geeeever finally breaks a buck ?

      What happened to the big stock buyback ... or was that all "hat and no cattle" as we say down here in Texas. Looks like all it produced was a big short covering rally without management dropping any real cash on a stock buyback ... so now The Leedle GEEEV'er wants to play the bluff game ...without dropping any real cash on their recently announced buyback.

      Now we're back to a vote of "no confidence" in GEVO's management to follow through on said buyback . What are they gonna do wait until the price breaks a dollar before they go all in ?

      This begs the question "what else are they incapable of doing as it relates to increasing shareholder value".

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      • Look it the budicecream the leeetle gentile from tejas that live on mammys patio.

        The man you criticisize is the long term investor. YOU KNOW, sort of like you who HELD YOUR SHORT THROUGH ALL THE SPIKES on the way down. BC, you are soooooo sophisticate and brave Mr. Buddy.

        You r lies are so transparent now everyone call you out on that. You are the long "bagholder' as they say in the USA. In the russia we call you the schmvutska.

        You may now go to the nether region. You wish the death, you will receive yourself.

        MR WAN is right, why not make the noose and put around your neck in front of mother, then jump the patio for the love of Tejas, land of where man is man and sheep are afraid

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